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9 39 is a time on carry news radio and talking about the Supreme Court ruling yesterday. Jeremy Evans is a sports attorney. He's also The host of believe in sports law and the believe podcast network founder and managing attorney at the Colorado sports lawyer or California sports Lawyer. Excuse me and Jeremy joins us now. Good morning, Jeremy. Thanks for your time. Dave Logan, Rick Lewis. And Kathy Lee, How are you? Good morning, Dave. Kathy, are you guys doing this morning? You know what we're doing? Fine. Thanks for your time. So break this down in in as concise fashion as you possibly can, as you looked at the ruling yesterday. By the Supreme Court. What exactly were two or three things that you took from that that you will see and play in the very near future. No, thank you so much for having me on so very briefly. I guess Three top things remember one. What This does is, it sets the stage for schools across the country. To open up the opportunity for student athletes to profit off their name image in like this. That's the biggest thing. Ultimately, Supreme Court Since we opened the door to say, regardless of what the incident does, regardless of what's called game, you cannot prevent athletes from, um sort of profiting from her name, image and likeness. In sort of opening up that scheme, and it's going to be interesting, I guess. Two other points. It's going to be interesting how that plays out because the question gets asked. Okay, well, what happens if a state passing a law that says you cannot profit? Well, that would potentially, you know, come in conflict with the Supreme Court decision. And then the other aspect is what if a state does nothing? What if they don't pass a law operating them to likeness or what? At the level? A, Uh says No, we're not. Allowing this at the end of the day with this decision says, is that You cannot prevent them from doing it, meaning that if there's an opportunity to provide additional income to the student athlete, whether that be from the school directly in a recruiting efforts or an outside money There is the ability to do that. So those would be, I guess the three sort of top things that came out of that decision. Jeremy. Why did it take so long to get to this because it's been a long time since the has had a monopoly. On college athletics. Of decades and decades, and especially the power five conferences. Those guys make an unbelievable amount of money off of these. These kids talent and mostly football players, in some cases, football and basketball, But why has it taken so long to get to this? Yeah, You know, that's a fair question. And And I think that you know who would have had this conversation. Let's say 20 years ago. We wouldn't even be talking about this. Maybe even 30 years ago where it was, you know, I think the incredible aim universities really opened up this hand dollars box if you will. By shining, you know, million dollars sponsorship and apparel contracts by signing, you know, you know, Million You know hundreds of million dollars in terms of billions of dollars in terms of Broadcast contracts. Can't really opened the door to this and then for them to turn around and say No, You can't pop it off your name. Imagine like this. You know that sort of thing. And then, of course, simultaneously, the NFL and the NBA instituted rules that said, you cannot enter the draft. Until you've had at least 123 years of college. With the one year being the NBA and three years in the NFL. So to me, why did it take so long? I think it was just a matter of the student athletes basically stepping out standing up and saying, Hey, we'd like to have a Basically a piece of this, you know, financial pie. And then I think it was just a matter of the school, seeing the benefit of this But I think maybe technology has a huge partners. We would not probably having this conversation. But for social media, social media is really the catalyst. In my opinion, it's opened up this opportunity to wear Everybody, including you and me can have our own broadcast channel. But they don't have to go through a distributor. Whether worried about advertising that sort of thing, So I think that directed consumer approach really allowed for this to move forward. Jeremy for some people in our region text we just got I mean, I have an answer, but I want to see what yours is from the 33. So how much is a college education going to cost when they pay engineering teams, debate teams and women's cross country teams, etcetera, your opening Pandora's box. Those You know you're looking at right now. As I understand this you're looking at, uh, Division one football Division One basketball. Those two sports and football, in particular generate the lion's share of the revenue. That is that has spread around the university. But how would you? How would you answer this textures question in terms of other teams and whether or not they would be Included in some of what what is about to take place. Yeah, No, And that's a really good question and again a fair question. I think. You know, Part of the problem right is that on one hand, you know, free market sort of open market is a good idea in the sense that it raises the value and It potentially could be a situation where student athletes are, Um, you know, getting paid more money because they're getting recruited to go to the best schools. But you're right in that It does create some issues when it comes to, you know, should should you know, college is being the you know, sort of open market competition space when we're talking about The idea of going to college is all about, you know, education. Now what I think is going to happen is, I think the market is eventually going to correct itself, meaning that A couple. Maybe a couple of a few things are going to happen. Number one is, I think the name image and lightness space is going to be important and big, but it's going to be important and big for, um, maybe the starting quarterback starting running back. That sort of thing, right? It's not going to be for the left. Starting tackle Mr very positive person have a large social media following so I think the market is going to kind of dictate that. People want to watch the starting running back. They don't want to watch the starting debate people right or the person who is running an engineering team. I think it's sort of the market will dictate that. But It's sort of an interesting thing, because it does open up this Pandora's box. As you said that with regard to paying athletes and how does that work? The other part I mentioned this is that we've already seen the N B. A And so many other leagues provide opportunities to where folks don't have to go to college..

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