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Could get a beach nearby. It was it was like Pleasantville. Yeah, I'm Agean. It was so it was different. I'm sure I feel like a lot of my friends college experiences. It was a lot different than mine. So I've I've worked here grand X for eight years now a little over eight years, and obviously during the course of which a lot of my focus was on making content for college kids. So I'm familiar with all these little colleges like some people don't know about like Chapman is an example of one of them. We're slowly over the us. I'd hear about I'd see Chapman more and more and more. And it was one of the schools where I was just like man fuck everybody who got to go here. This looks so awesome. What the hell? This is bullshit. I feel like there's several in California. Like that. Like was the one in Malibu Pepperdine Pepperdine Yossi somebody. Pepperdine? I'm like we had like a river. Like y'all have fun now backing out of the river. We had fun, but it was the different brand trashier brand of fun. But a good brand it was still fun. Yeah. Anyway. So after college than what after college. Well, okay. When I was in college I worked at SeaWorld San Diego. Like, what do you would you do? Not miss it Wales. Which everyone is like so sad. When I tell them that. That's not what you did. Michelle MU and I'm like, no side of a buzzkill. I shouldn't even mention it. But I did gymnasts like show it's called summer nights. So it was like summer show. So there was like gymnasts and all these like, drummers and dancers, and I did that every night in the summer. I always knew you as a dancer because you dancer, west side. What was it called and our shattner Shah actually dated a girl in Asia. And then from there you did what? So so when I graduated from college I went I moved back to see NATO, I did one more summer at SeaWorld. And then the dolphins like got a new show, and they took over our budget. And so basically my job got taken over by dolphin which by dole says lane like a dolphin dolphins. 'cause like their show called the dolphins. Let's like the dolphin show. Oh shit. Bumped by an animal. I totally did. So I was like I guess I'll leave seen Yego now. And I know it was sad, but then moved away, and I had a lot of friends from college that we're already there. So they got me moved in and kind of rain around and had fun. And did, you know, some gymnastics jobs in like, you know, but then I ended up randomly getting job in advertising. So LA for three years, Los Angeles is. Is a lot. I said great place to visit is chaos. It's like Houston times three and I love Houston to death. It will always be home for me. But it's a lot to deal with. It's a lot of people and allies eating more like. Yeah. Much. Yeah. Definitely it may like definitely living there in L A made me really appreciate Texas of one of our coming. Visit. I was like it's so easy to live here. Simpler is easy. I can park when I felt places crazy. We don't know about like too much of the shit that you'll know about doing California at this point. We're just talking. I mean, the thing that always comes up for me is how weird it is being like in a non legalized state versus legal state where marijuana cannabis whatever's legalized because it's just we are. So behind already in Texas that my friends that smoke in California was questions. I don't even know what the words they're using. Even this point of weird because every time you go to like, Colorado, everyone there is like from Texas. So obviously, they're like, okay, I'm sticking waiting for this like, I'm just gonna go to Colorado. Colorado's weird light like everybody. I know. I feel like I know a million people living living Colorado now it's like back and forth to great state though. Actually, we were just in Colorado. Okay. So after a lay after LA, I was there. So that I moved to Dallas. That's when you moved to Dallas. And its some point you became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I did. So I I got a job in advertising in Dallas..

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