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Good morning, Johnny. The Washington football team is infinitely tonight for Sunday night football Watching in wind and a trip to the playoffs is N F C East Division champs A loss in today's Giants Cowboys or one o'clock kicks. Winner will get the division Alex Smith expected to start a quarterback for the Washington football team. The B T. O P S Rob. Fork on this week's huddle says the only way for Washington to get to the playoffs is by starting Alex Smith, whose foreign one is the start of this year. It's Miss numbers are almost identical to Dwayne Haskins numbers, so forget the won loss record. You have to pay attention to how the quarterback is playing in. Yes, Alex Smith gives you the best chance to win. But that's not that's because everybody else is a disaster. You have no chance to win in Philadelphia with anybody other than Alex Smith, go to w. Two p dot com for the entire episode of the huddle by the way, the team will wait till pregame warmups to make the start official to see how that calf is holding up for Smith, But as of now he is playing out of making the start. Running back. Antonio Gibson and wide receiver Terry McLaren are expected to start tonight against Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Ravens one o'clock kick off in Cincinnati today, Nina well a victory over the Bangles to make the postseason Baltimore Kings They'll get in. If they lose If there's cults, of course, if the courts or the Browns were to lose, Cleveland will host the Steelers at one o'clock in Indy entertains Jacksonville at 4 25 this afternoon. J. Brooks w T o p Sports Still ahead. We're hearing more about the bizarre ramblings of the Nashville bomber. It's 8 46. Hi. I'm Patrick Singles.

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