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Sarah fox news president trump coming up with another way to as he put it get an accurate count the number of citizens and non citizens in the US I am hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and non citizens in our country they must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately the president making the move after the Supreme Court blocked the citizenship question on next your senses and a federal court this week ruled against the administration changing its legal team Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer issuing a statement reading in part the president's retreat on adding a mis guided citizen question to the census was long overdue and is a significant victory for democracy and fair representation he says every person must be counted and no one should be intimidated by the president and his capricious behavior the ACLU was filed a federal lawsuit in advance of this weekend's anticipated immigration enforcement operation the suit says the people being targeted weren't allowed a fair chance to request asylum their deportation orders aren't valid and it's at your Craddick errors led to a failure to send proper notices to appear in court and warnings up for parts of Louisiana's Gulf coast as tropical storm Barry bears down you know so we're expecting landfall right now on Saturday although we were expecting a move very slowly that's why we're so concerned about the heavy rain risk the ranger really began in earnest overnight Friday into Saturday for southeast Louisiana then spread northward into Mississippi Eric Blake with the national hurricane center in Miami president trump has issued a federal emergency declaration ahead of the storm at the request of governor John bel Edwards this is fox news from the borders under credit union home loans traffic.

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