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A run like george mason you're completely eliminating a cinderella story is cinderella run to the final for like that's the only thing preventing these power five schools now from leaving the incident late don't you think uh football wouldn't skippy isn't there allegiance between them all well i don't your what do you mean like my aren't are every conference part of the nc aa while i'm sure but i'm just saying what what is that relationship between all the conferences and the nc doubling the guy mean it was the end smugly their first and then all these conferences were created or the conference's there and they said we need the nc aa ansett monolith request randy directed for that remain at all the fancy aa is by guys lunacy aa was there for but they unsee aa is made up of the university presidents are really the governing body they hire marc ambert all the life in the if there are the member institutions right but the nc delays still has its own leadership doesn't it say blue but it's not like the nc aa as a standalone organization they're made up of the member institutions like they could they could break off though now the foreign like don't have to bring what they just have to despair they just had to say there is no nc aa will all the president's volume diversities there is no and see double eight and we're going to be the power five conferences and this is what we're gonna do we're hiring y'all salazar commission only thing that it's the only thing that might prevent them is what a big money maker the unsuitably tournament is because that's still generates a significant rana revenue that would be a deterrent in in because football like i said the they've the power fives are all we watch really in the i mean like how is the bull season ultimately affected if the polyansky mother ornament right now pays the freight at most schools for every other sport see so that's what's preventing the idea that they should just totally separate themselves from the.

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