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Mats and then long story short xiv for some reason was asking people if she should go to five eight or the knock and areas like not no not options you go to match you go to match and then she was like sorry about it what's he doodles and then mats needed her she tweeted them back and was like i'll be calling you shortly so we called maths yup we got mats on the phone we talked to manager paul he was gracious enough we actually played that call the beginning of the show and we are said hey will bribe you you stick a napkin inside of the order bag at maths and we will tell listeners every single day until he'll christmas that mats is the one in original home of the juicy lucie and they better go and buy lots of masters he lucy so we said we would do that and they agreed yesterday dead now what are we thinking about the tweet situation that's happening right now the tweet situation i'm sorry meant the text i'll tell you what i thought you larry largely tax so now we have a mole and i i feel like we are gossip station so our job is to report gossip as we receive at correct correct from an unnamed source who is off the record and is on background who we received a taxed alerting us to what's actually happening behind the scenes at maps do you want to share the tax choline i mean i can it says the ghanaian name source from an anonymous source mats is just putting together a to go order for thirty juicy lucy's here so i'm assuming that means thirty juicy lucy's for chrissy teigen so they're better be a damn napkin in that bank you very much and if you're anywhere near and if this anonymous sources listening please alert the staff we failed why he failed don't say that no we didn't fail completely but we dropped the ball on one very obvious thing we should have done way when we had paul the manager for on what we should have had them play my talk one of seven one in iraq round at the bar uh gosh you're right of that when chrissy teigen because i'm sure she's gonna come pick up the burgers da she would hear a station and we.

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