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Which smoothness this weekend ever now each time after hours monday watson face that here he throws job walking throws right saadi snapped lots of of all it's a carry wofford ahead wafa gets the staff years pressure watson throw it to the left side the sharp drops it up la la yard over watson froze funds will points while we will uh nerves only to the fatal want to go down as will points is worth us measure redid the in he's been able to have all the what was on a foods is maize mahjub easy to keep as simple as measure that you won't who had its own once the vote itself and learn as much of the camp in the coaches me here's the lawrence need is definitely working for the houston texans rookie quarterback though people who sam play clemson and recognize the kind of pressure cooker he was under in his years with the tigers art surprised he's got all of the mental tools the intangibles that you need just a matter of of getting comfortable with the nfl playbook it with the speed of the game and this was he is admitted introduction to the rest of the nfl not that we didn't know who he was but just hey stand up and take notice of this shawn watson the texans put up fifty seven points which is a franchiserecord and as you here with mark vandermeer on the texans radio network watson poor receiving touch downs well he threw them so what else caught them i wrote a data by notes as four receiving does sounds four path thing touchdowns to receivers as well as they rushing touchdown and if you don't think de'andre hopkins is is happy and that this is now his guy well think again so congratulations to the texans big victory for them over the titans their d was part of it as well forcing 5 turnovers and getting a dillon coal pick six total team effort i and in the division as well a lot of people though have their radar tuned this is shawn watson and now will get.

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