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On the show which is once an hour it's supposed to be it is one thing our I am reminded that I have to pay my car insurance bill coming up in a few weeks so thank you got to go and they use the VS board radio again eight five five two one two four two two seven so the Dodgers left no room for doubt after that seven runs six ending the Braves waited a little bit longer in their game against the St Louis cardinals honestly I was rooting for Adam way right he was making his first postseason start this two thousand fourteen he was a bulldog out there he's one of the hold outs the holdovers I should say from the cardinals glory days with the two Superbowl my gosh Amy this is what happens when you write is full with world theories he and Matt Kerr Bernard Yadier Molina I've been there a long time otherwise it's a lot of new guys who've not been in the postseason with fate Lois and so he's still on the mound in the eighth inning any tiring and you can tell that wait it was tiring any walk the couple of guys after giving up or a big hit it's bases are loaded and they bring a danger Miller for just the one batter and he gets a fly ball out speaking a fly ball out it was a sacrifice fly by carpenter earlier in the game that gave the cardinals a one run lead so stay low with escape that bases loaded jam in the top of the eight A. ends in the dugout after he had walked off the field he was standing ovation and tipped his cap to the crowd actually it not really ever seen this before but jadi gives way right a hug when he walked to the checkout although that was pretty cool so after Miller gets them out of the bases loaded jam they of course put the camera on where you know in the dugout he's school reading at the top of his lungs you could imagine starting out all that relief knowing that his teammate escaped and now had three outs to get so Carlos Martinez this is also a little odd but this is what he does come then to pinch hit and then the stays on the mound in the ninth inning and there's that Josh Donaldson double that leads off the night no Martinez maybe not known around Major League Baseball for the same type of implosion this say Kelly Jansen who's bought a bunch of save this year for the Dodgers or even the Braves bullpen the nationals bullpen the Mets bullpen the red Sox ball but I could go on and on there were some really bad boy opens this year and I say this all the time when you've got a closer like a Carlos Martinez you you don't get to where you are without him but it also means they're going to be moments that you'd like to forget so Josh Donaldson doubles to lead off the night and then Margie does gets too out but even as he gets to out dolls don't feel down is still on the base pads and they intentionally walk Brian McCann to get today is B. Swanson welcome to October listed.

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