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One of the guys came in its A guy's. The place is jammed. We're like what Like, Yeah, it's jammed. I think you know what? I don't think you could find that kind of zeal anywhere else. But this time this is a This is an amazing place. They've done this very event you know, around the outdoor games. I don't know if you remember last year when they did it. There was there was literally maybe 7000. You know, to come out in Fenway Park and see, you know all the people that wasn't an empty seat. There were people filling the The sides of the rank on the field. It was It's an extraordinary town when it comes to sports. When it comes to hockey. I have to say the same thing about comics Come home. I mean, 17 years. Comedian's love coming to this event because It's not like you don't feel like you're at a fundraiser. People come. They laugh their ass off for two hours, and at the end of it, they feel like they've seen this big Jeffrey comedy show. But what in fact we've done has raised money for this great cause. So You know, I always said Boss is the best comedy down the audiences of the best. Yeah, anywhere. I mean, any comedians you have, like guys like Dom that worked in Boston a lot when they were young and traveled all over and came from other cities always said, Like what's in the water in Boston were like missing, not water. I'm taking you with Denis Leary and we get to events are remind you about those and we'll continue throughout the weekend to plug him. But Denis Leary, of course, returning to his home, they And you mentioned comedy and comics and there is a wonderful sense of family among guys in the industry as there are, I think, and I do a lot with jazz musicians, and they stick together and buck up for each other. It's funny cause you guys can cut each other down, and that's to sign a love many times, But it's nice to see you already laying, for instance, back and getting a second shot. Well, you know, that's it wasn't it was never really a second shot for him because, you know, he's a brilliant guy. People were fans of rescue me will remember. You know, he did a lot on rescue me, um, a few years ago where I didn't I didn't audition and I just hired him up right because Hey, hasn't been a lot of acting work. But he's a great great act the town to town that actor and um and a great comedian, and.

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