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The classes is the best place ever and fun fact, my first cousin, his wife is a police Sergeant Import Mitchell and she is in the class. SCHRANZ. wondered. If they were related I, this class is going to know what hit him with two SCHRANZ. Marriage or whatever but they they aren't gonNA be able to handle to SCHRANZ. So no, it's GonNa be really fun I'm I'm very excited to be part of it and I've been wanting to do it for years and it just it just kinda seemed like the time was right. It is going to be a little interesting at first because we're going to be digital for some stuff but. considering what I'm doing in my day job, I think I might be able to help acquire fell. I Guarantee Hey, you know what? Else I might be able to as well with my big news and that is this just this week launched a course called confident on camera. It is a Webinar you can sign up for watch anytime. It's confident on camera look and feel your best for your virtual job interview. It's it's targeted toward people looking for work right now because on line let's be fair but in addition to that it helps. Anybody who's on the zoom calls podcast wants to do social media lives you name it. It's all the tips and tricks that I've gotten twenty years of television and a nice little compact fifty minute Webinar. So you can watch it anytime. There's a bunch of add-ons and really, and there's also really cool option to do a one on one consultation. If you're like I, don't really understand where I'm supposed to set up or what looks best. Will do a zoom call and I will one on one help you find the best place in fix yourself up and all of that good stuff, the background and the lighting, and all of that and best news. There is a discount for any of you listening or watching this podcast. So Jeremy, tell more that coupon codes going to be an all the. Link Yeah this is going to be tricky or I'm going to put it into the show notes on the podcast system. So if you're watching this on facebook, that means that.

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