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About You know you partners you work with I would say that my partner for the olympics in ninety four and speedskating was the great. eric heiden. Yeah today's still the best olympic athlete in history of and people say well. How many do you want five gold medals in in the nineteen eighty lake placid olympics. Princeton marathon. no one ever competed in five events. Maybe two and that was it. But eric heiden was one of the greatest of all athletes and he was my partner and and and they wanna know. Well how do you know the nba. You're doing all these sports and how you doing olympic well if you're a reporter You know you you study film study tape of what's happened. You learn as a reporter and you do the basic says a reporter to story of what is happening and then you have the expert to tell you why it happened and so that's why that could work but that was one of the great thrills Doing an olympics which You know a lot of people may not realize it. We call them live. We call that. Those races live but a lot of time because of time. Different you do it on tape voice over later at night okay. It's not as glamorous as people that was no lau i ended there was no the internet. Had not quite you know. Come into play yet. So people were getting their information as quickly and you're having to report it you're having to see if you're having to to convey to your audience and i mean it is just amazing and and and learning the back story of a lot of these competitors and the the family situation. You talked about dan with losing his sister and and all of the falls. And i mean wow i mean what an amazing amazing You know just a triumph and just amazing but Anyway so moving along now we're gonna hit number two and you covered the some great rivalries throughout the eighties for the nba. And and the one rivalry. You know being a kid. A child of the eighties. Like i said. I was hooked on was sell. Tres celtics and lakers and this one in particular was game. Seven of the nineteen eighty-four nba finals. Go ahead aaron other does up anyway. No question larry bird demand. The celtics will live or die rule with the top here. Dennis johnson on the break. And here's korean. And korean with an incredible ways harris out to maxwell. It's a free onto great for go-to corinne. Foul against kareem ability by the hands of la has gone but angel basket is headquartered in the exchange. Hi where are they coming. Risk jumper on it to three point. One five zero two. Here's how to walk again. His johnson is against again. Wow tani's patrol. Wow factor writing. This is just blowing my mind. I mean i'm here in names out there. Magic karim worthy scott cons of cooper. dj age pairs bird. Mikhail my gosh and you at one point in that game game seven one point in that game you said you know this This young team led by the young guard. Magic johnson has quite a future ahead of him. I mean this is nine hundred. Eighty four what you know you gotta keep it pretty unemotional. But you get emotional. I mean what you say. Are you witnessing greatness right before your eyes. Yeah i mean you know you. I would say has been set of the bigger. The event of the more locally. You become you you get you. Don't get carried away with with these things. And he's a great players. But you know what's interesting and you as as you're talking. I'm thinking we never. We never promoted. Larry bird and magic. Johnson we talked about him but we did this in context with the style a beam that they were part so Which i think led to our great. Cbs overall success is a production. We did not do coming up next bird and magic because when you wing a game of which you're a five and five a bird may take one shot in the first quarter and magic may not be a factor at all until later in the game and all of a sudden. Well wait a second. You said burden magic. And that's what I think nbc then did the opposite after our contract was done in nineteen ninety and and it was the style play of the boston celtics with three great frontline players You know with with with bird. Kevin mchale in robert parish against the lakers which were a bunch of greyhounds. They were running up and down the court full court press. They had a six nine point guard of course in magic johnson and they gave the guy karim so how did the style of play and and most of those series and they were great. The whole package was great but this series in games were not that quote team would win by twenty five. Eighteen point fifteenpoints very close games in that entire series because one team would impose their will on the other and they would dominate. And that's what would happen. But they were great series and the players. Were think guys that made. It's happened but it was the style of play. What pat riley. Wanted to do with the lakers and casey jones and before that bill pitch with the celtics. Wow when when we come back from the break we are going to continue our conversation with the great dick stockton either Talking about some of the top broadcast moments over a fifty five year career and dick. It has been amazing so far. We just got through number two. Which was the and you literally. You said to me vince. Choose any game of the lakers celtics decade that i.

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