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Jones. When i say. Alex jones is alex off for. That's where i get my news fall. He wouldn't he wouldn't have thought the shy flee hit was dirty. You know. Alex jones wouldn't have you know thought we hit johnson. I actually text them after. I say he did a great job of breaking it all down i think he took a fairly neutral stance but he gave the perspective. I think he said he wouldn't be surprised if they gave him a game or two. Which is kind of where i landed. But but he did a great job of roanoke but him and arm dog were were on the set and the way that arm dog described back end for the for tapa was. It's like they're mountains back there like not only do you have these with these big wing spans who log major minutes like you mentioned their top three. We had been and john. Mcdonough a ryan mcdonagh. Fuck he was a number one in new york and then he goes down there he gets fucking play number three to keep the change and they just have these massive wing spans. They don't allow a lot to generate dalo. They could play any way you want. And and because of that with those three lefty. The righty sirnak rueda and hsien. They're not the quickest but they're big and they're willing to just get in the way and create what you said the end of cycles. They finish off cycles. I don't know if savar banged up. But they ended up taking a mortar lineup. Putting sirnak and i believe for game two and i mean is a little banged up. Okay well that's probably why then. But that sirnak. He was there last year when they wanted. He was reliable and he filled in great. And just a pretty good defensive game with a i guess a good late push by the hurricanes. Fuck they weren't really able to generate much in the first two periods and a game. They had to win down to all like fuck. They ain't winning four or five against tap. I'm sorry we with three of them on the road. It too little too late and they. They seem to hear off to like what they had. A couple of good opportunities guy shot at high allied. I mean it was a two on one with nature at otto and you know perfect tony advert last lessee down and he shoots it the high oh wide they just. They weren't as crisp as we've used to see what happens when the goalie takes up every bit of the net where you have to find a good. Is that little hole in full props to tampa. I mean they play a suffocating game. They know how to win. They lose a bunch to get become stanley cup champions. And they're to be they're going to be tough fucking team and if you talk about like carolina almost shot him to to one you put. Its chances it's the type of chances you're getting and i think there was actually a chance for our tied up at the last second broke the sixty degree. Yeah who is the defenseman. He ended up being in perfect position. The puck was kind of in between them. But yeah i mean once it was it was it was too much and i think with tro. Check out now. Who i don't play the rest of the series and it looked it. Looked kinda innocent. He got clipped. I don't know if it was by a skate. Or what exactly hit his foot or ankle and right away. No wait on it. I don't remember which ankle it was. But he had a really bad injury few years back when he's still on the panthers in ottawa. I don't know if it was that ankle. I don't know what exactly happened to lose him. It just turns them into a one line team going against a fucking four line team and it's probably too little too late now not probably it is. It's a tough to beat for. Four hundred five games. Get a little horse here. Moving right along this series. We got in the background handbags colorado to tool. What's at fifteen minutes left. It there boys. Yeah they just had a breakaway. Reilly smith big save by group. Our i gave on was actually going on when we recorded monday. Avs absolutely spanked them. But the extra curricula kind of happen while we're while while we were could again the athol talk much ryan graves. He got the interference penalty for hidden ta mok and the second he buried him kind of a pie and other guy was already engaged them. I think two minutes so it was pretty fucking hot. Hit wouldn't necessarily call clean either way later in the game. Reeves grabs grabs graves thompson. The ice get a knee on his head. I guess he pulled the clump of his hair. He ends up dead two games. Just kind of a bad luck. Doing that guy and his teammate got hurt but biz you with a tough guy. Yeah i mean we listen. I've been in reese situations feeling like you have to protect the team and raves. Who are raves graves. His game too. I thought that that hit would have triggered me a little bit. There's a certain line in order to respond to it and he thought he was. He had them in that situation and then graves was an even more vulnerable vulnerable situation. And i didn't like it. And i agree with the two games like i just stepping on the neck thing like revoz a big guy like dot. Could you know you never know. I respect the fact that he's willing to stick up for his teammates. As i said. I wouldn't have been happy with the grave set. I didn't think the gravesite was suspended. People i didn't think it was a five. I think it deserved probably a to the way it went fearance. Maybe it was a late. Hit the way it went down. But here's the thing though is like that. What if that graves results in the same way as the sharply hitter was still having the same conversation right so which which which you're going to hop on but regardless of such a real step over the line he's gotten two games and i tell you what is a good response so far right now. It seems like they're carrying the play quite a bit in game. Two here outshooting right now. Thirty one to seventeen. And you know it's not like a it's not like the loss is gonna kill them. They'll probably just insert someone who's got bigger wheels. I didn't. I didn't see where they threw and i think that it was It was tough when we were recording. I was saying you were watching it. But there were so many bodies around raves and reeves. That you couldn't really see once you look. There was one angle that you could just see road in his face. And after that i think even when he got his knee off me he had his hand in there and he's rubbing you know.

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