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Jeff Belanger with us this morning, the Bloomberg News Room. Looks like those office workers that that went back to the office are going to be staying at home now. Yeah, it looks that way. More office workers being told they'll be doing their jobs from home longer than expected. We talked yesterday about changes that Google lift and Twitter now uber is among the latest companies to push back the reopening of its officers. Ride hailing firm was looking forward to reopening in late September. It now plans to wait at least until October. 25th Alright Scarlett Johansson suing Walt Disney. Yes, she is. The actor says Disney Studios broke a promise that her latest film Black widow would only be released in theaters. But the movie was also made available on the Disney plus video streaming service. Now. For its part, Disney contends that fully complied with Johansson's contract and says the legal action disregards the prolonged global effects of the covid 19 pandemic. All right. He suspected do it yourselfers getting busy again? Yeah, that's going to help to stabilize lumber prices that went away up earlier this year and then came down some, the chief executive officer of Resolute Forest Products told Bloomberg consumers are taking the summer off after being confined at home during the pandemic. But he says renovations are likely to resume soon. That is when the weather changes and the big box stores are going to have to order more lumber to be ready for that. You know why I'm not to do it yourselfer. Because I have a checkbook. Yeah, because I would mess things up. That's right. Never underestimate the power of a checkbook. Alright, what's the markets look like alright futures pointing lower, especially the NASDAQ futures After the disappointing news from Amazon sales, NASDAQ futures are down 146 points S and P Futures are down. 25 Dow Futures are down 86. From Bloomberg. I'm Jeff Belanger on news radio 700 wlw checking room in here looking at the roads? Yes, you were talking about things to do this weekend Avoid Montgomery Road at the Reagan highway. That's one of them. That's right. That roundabout there, completing or getting close to complete this weekend. That's right. They're going to shut it down a little bit later on tonight, so you won't be able to use Montgomery Road at the Reagan highway. If everything is going as scheduled Elsewhere from the You see how traffic center you see health is the region's leader in cancer and Neurosciences care. This is science and in science lives. Hope North Band 75 continues to run an extra 10 to 15 minutes into downtown. It's all thanks to the painting project and the lane configuration on the brand. Spence South Bend, 70. Five's Doing Okay through Walk once those just a bit at the bridge, Chuck Ingram, NewsRadio.

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