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Hello, welcome to stories podcast created by Daniel Hynes today's episode is an adaptation of the classic story. The little Dutch boy written for you by me, your host Amanda Weldon today, we'd like to say a special, thank you to lose faith and Eliza Jane and the rest of the Turco family Kayla and his best friend Alfie and their families. Connor Elena and Thomas, and the via Francke family Leith and NIA, and their family, Liam and his parents, Louis, and Jenny THEO, and Beatrice and their family Cameron and Ryan, and their family Sadie Lucas and Evelyn, and their family, and Avery and Kelsey and their family. Thank you so much, Kelsey, Avery Evelyn, Lucas Sadie Ryan Cameron via trysts. THEO. Jenny Lewis, Liam NIA, Leith Thomas Elena, Connor Alfie Kayla, Eliza, Jane and Lucia faith. You are part of what makes it possible for us to. Continue to produce fun new stories for our listeners, and thank you to today's sponsor, kind snacks. Another part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce fun stories for our listeners when it comes to packing your kid's lunchbox in the morning, the struggle is real. You might not have time to cut fruit and star shapes, but you can still be a hero. Introducing kind kids bars, kind kids. Bars have twenty five percent less sugar than the leading kids granola bar and come and flavors. Kids love like chewy, chocolate chip and shui, Honey, oat, plus all kinds knacks are kosher, gluten free and made without genetically engineered ingredients. Now, that's a lunchbox win kind is offering our listeners a special offer. So you can try kind kids bars go to kind snacks dot com. Slash stories and enter code stories at checkout to receive twenty percents off your order of kind kids bars. That's kind snacks dot com. Slash stories with codes. Stories at checkout full offer terms are available at the link. In the description of this week's episode that thinks enjoyed the episode..

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