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This month marks the one hundred twenty eighth anniversary of the birth in India of Biard embed car, not a household name for most Americans perhaps. But I'm bed. Car is a hero for many because he was a leader in the struggle to establish basic rights for hundreds of millions of people known as dollars. These are the people on the lowest rung of traditional Hindu, caste society, as my W H colleague Roone Roth reports Ambedkar is now inspiring a new generation of American dollars reporting supported by the Pulitzer center, even here in the US dollars face, caste based discrimination. That's according to a quality labs adult research organization, then MAURICE DARA Rajon is their executive director and an American dollar. She's has a lot of American dollars keep their cast in the closet. I was one of the first that was out in the country and I face rape threats faced death threats in spite of what she faced some Donald rodgen says. He's up to mystic about a new generation of American dollars asserting their identities and finds inspiration and unexpected places. Like this ordinary looking block in New Jersey named Ambedkar avenue only someone who's cast oppressed would go through the effort to to try to file to get a street in doctrine bed car, but they did it. And I think it's this very special secret knowledge of oppress people that someone lifted up into the American consciousness the street is an Amodu to a man who lifted up millions when he wrote India's constitution before he died in nineteen fifty-six Ambedkar, also converted to Buddhism rejecting the Hindu religion. And it's caste system that had oppressed people. And he encourage his fellow dollars to do the same many dead for us. I'm Baker Dr Mehta and with the followers because he uplifted us Meierya of Charles scientists in New Jersey, and she goes out of her way to drive down in bed. Karamanou she says she would not be in America if not for bed car before Baker Vive were not averse. Verify right? We were gone untouchables. No one was touching us. No one wanted to eat with us. He uplifted us. He fought for us. He gave us the right of knowledge to study. Embed cars connection with America is actually older than the Indian diaspora now living here he lived for a time in New York and got an economics degree from Columbia in nineteen twenty seven. There's even a statue in his honour on the campus. Then Morrison Rajon knows the statue. Well, I've taken so many Indian to come to visit New York they'll go to Columbia to see them bed cards statue. And they'll go to St. to see that he's like part of the the natural fabric of the city. And so that to me is amazing and Embiid cars part of the fabric of the American civil rights movement to Martin Luther King junior was moved by the Daulat calls on his trip to India and the American civil rights movement in turn influence, the dollar movement inspiring the Daulat Panthers this weekend. There'll be more celebrations of bed cars life last weekend. In cities around the world there were parties to celebrate his birthday. While there wasn't much happening here in bed. Koran. New Jersey Sundar Rajon says the street still serves as a daily inspiration. Because that street is there I'm reminded that high m crucial part of the American fabric. There's so many people that want to join the battle against cast. It's not just cast oppressed peoples anymore. And I think that street is just a small part of that process. And so for that, I'm filled with, you know, a great level of love enjoy for the world. I'm ruin raw. If you've gotten a cheese slice to the face, recently, you've probably run into tick tock, I don't have an account myself by the Chinese short video app has become very popular here in the US, especially among younger audiences and that whole cheese thing. It's just one of many silly challenges going viral talk the app is gaining a following in many other countries to India, for example, they've already got one hundred twenty million users and tick tock parent company bite dance is investing a billion dollars in India. But the government has just been the app we tech lawyer niches John Don to explain what's going on. He's a New Delhi? It started with Bollywood music songs. Short clips of those people down into the the Bollywood tunes..

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