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And it probably has its own little dopamine score embargo it with it uh or i liked the better word i like his drip is you undo activities that drip dopamine throughout the day that help you feel sort of pleasure unhappy and focus motivated you don't wanna hor dopravni so if you do cocaine that poor soto soto voting voting warning of an error yeah it'll or one yeah that those are the two big dopamine things right and extreme sports maybe like almost dying what what whether these streets arts clearly with would do it uh as well and sometimes uh video games wills is well especially if you're like murdering two hundred fifty people in three minutes that it is pouring dopamine and the problem with poor dopamine or if you've got a big shook burst sugarbush bores dopamine is well uh they've actually found people who are overweight have doled activity in the nucleus accumbens a pleasure centres where dopamine axed isn't yet i always think that's interesting that's why you wanna will oilseed cheesecake card doughnuts because they actually are physically wearing out your pleasure centres they have to be careful better to drib dopamine the two poor very interesting advice for people listening so if you're finding yourself addicted to one of those behaviors dopamine drives a lot of addiction gambling for sure is you know every time you win a big scored a dopamine but if you have no dopamine because you don't have an interesting life or because you have the inability to make it you're also not gonna like your life.

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