Nolan Ah Renato, Jamie Torrez, Rockies discussed on Broncos Country Tonight


Away news. Radio Time is 10 021 of the Copan 19 vaccine events held over the weekend addressed equity issues. It's become quite the familiar site in Colorado cars lined up and sleeves rolled up to get a Corona virus vaccine was just so happy to come get vaccinated. That's why Rose Cobra was that Servicio Staler Raza off Colfax and federal We're about 600 people are getting vaccinated this weekend at the event that city Councilwoman Jamie Torrez helped organize the point of being able to do it here. It was really making it accessible to what we recognize is a discourse disproportionately affected population. Specifically, she's talking about the Latino and Hispanic population more than half of Denver's covert 19 cases. Hospitalizations and deaths are among Hispanic adults, even though they make up just about a quarter of the city's population. That's Fox 30 one's Matt Morrow, governor. Pulis and first gentleman Marlin Reese got there first Copa 19 vaccination doses over the weekend. They got them at a clinic in Commerce City. Ah lot of unhappy Rockies fans with the weekend announcement that Nolan Ah Renato will be traded. Our Renato spent the first eight years of his major league career with the Rockies won the NL Gold Glove at third base and each of those seasons. He also a 235 home runs and drove in 760 runs. But two years into an eight year $260 million deal, and he's on the move headed to ST Louis. Iraqis. They're sending $50 million to the Cardinals and receiving a package of players, including left handed pitcher Austin Gamber and likely three or four prospects. MLB and the players union must still approve the deal..

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