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In by piercing, right point. Now. The Jay beagle. Behind the hawk net. Seabrook is able to pull it away and spin it through the air to center ice, MRs printer gins up in the zone gangs. Got it was it over on the left wing side. The puck is clear down into the hawk zone. The new kids in Vancouver lineup. His name is Ashton now in front of the hawk net. From that turned wide by Crawford Bullhorn out along the right wing boards in the hawk zone. Battling there with Brandon Saad. And helping out from behind is forcing the puck taken away by tapes. Who snaps it across the rink Gus far corner passing up the right wing at center ice Kerr with a touch passed a taste back to Sikora into the zone left wing boards stops a shot in from their stick eight. May here's behind the net. Right pad. Save made by Dempo another highway robbery situation taking it away from Dylan secure the Vancouver players stick on secure and really didn't give him the opportunity to get the shot that he was looking for charged rate towards the front of the net. And there was a nice defensive effort. Not allowed him that great opportunity passes. The puck ahead at center ice could be Ega. Backhands it down this deflects in on Crawford. He turned the puck wide to the far corner. Kunas tried fired. I'll take it away by Josh Stevo. He moves into the bottom of the right circle. And fires a shot. That's why the net puck rides off the glass. Here's Kuna throwback hotline. The right wing board. Tried to fire a shot blocked by stature lead pastor last Patterson into the hawk zone. He winds up and choirs. Circle proper down with a butterfly save. Oh, hold the puck. Fifteen o three left in period number one hawks and conducts no score Vancouver's come out and played a good five minutes. That's for sure they've got six shots on goal that lasts from Pederson. One of the more dangerous players in the entire National Hockey League. Only one goal though in the last thirteen games for Pederson. But you know, that he's got a lot more offense ability than those numbers would suggest sixty points on the season ties. A franchise record for the Vancouver Canucks for most points by a rookie in the rookie season. Burry was great Vancouver. Cannot and of course, Ivanhoe linka. Who was a rookie at thirty one. When he played on the bean at NHL head coach, I believe in Pittsburgh. Mistake. They had to change the rules back then the tall staff. News coming into staffy families. They said, well, he's a rookie in the NHL. But. Coming over to Europe. They love European players are coming over at a much later age. Penalty will be called here to shower of the trips. Eric. Carries the puck out from behind the hawk net. Toxic on their first set code fueling good power play. And folks there do. This would be a real good opportunity for the Blackhawks to find their rhythm over to last game against Montreal for sixteen past seven games last power play goal came back on that southern. The west coast trip. In anaheim. Hesitate hairs, they make an adjustment or something. From the stick referee linesman. We'll put it that in his pocket. So face off to the left hand side of that's your go. After a native of San Diego grew up playing for junior team to San Diego goals and then for part of the year with the LA junior kinks. Patrick kane. Top of the right circle Rishaad glove save made by Denko hold onto it again face off in zone to his left. Blackhawks three for seven on the season against the van couvert connects Patrick Kane leaves all Blackhawk players were twenty eight power play points. Faceoff once again, actually, listen Jay beagle. My mistakes and draw one buydell. Hawks canes spun it behind the net into the near corner. Strong take whips it around behind the net right point down. The high slot sends it over the right corner boards. Caves Adler tied him up. They scrum for the puck ever got. Hold of it. Got all the way down prophet will stop the puck ahead of the hawk crease. Flip it over to Gaza Sunday. We'll take the puck and wheel in behind the hawk net. Then out. Twenty seven on the hawks. First citgo, fueling good power pain. Takes the puck and his own into carries through center ice types it over the hawk line on the left wing to the top of the rights. Pumps it on goal. Anna left pad. Save made by death Cole. Hell damn point. Right point Cain down to stroll along the right half boards. Mccain right point, the top of the right circle. The came to side the right circle against divorce line. Good a break at top of the left circle. Winds up and fires on that sales wide hits the far corner boards and ricochets back down ice into the hawk zone will get a breather here. Forty-seven seconds left on the hawk tower, some good movement. Patrick Kane had an opportunity. I'm not sure if the goaltender Thatcher difficult got a Pat on that or he just missed a wide open that could set up could puck moving from side to side. Keep at the hawk blue line with the puck. Steps ahead. Those drive on the left side boards and down behind the net. With so much force. It ends up on the far side of the rink and Seabrook's skates. Seabrook falls down as he tried to kick the puck to a teammate puck taken away by the Canucks unclear it all the way down by Louis Erickson. Back to get the puck behind the hawk net. Keith will carry out the center ice dominicano Novakovic line left wing nine seconds on the power play. Spins it down behind the net. Rolls up the far side and Marcus gramling right there. We'll fire it all the way down to seconds one showers out of the box in the concert full-strength with penalty kill by Vancouver. It'd be one two shots on goal for the Blackhawks. Gotta find some rhythm play. Which was so hot is cooled off behind the net. Twice Stecher hit by Marcus river. And then by Chris Kunitz flow street and the left wing corner Slater Cooper's got it carries it behind the net around the right wing corner. And then tried to dish it back in behind tune. It's got to for his money on stature with another body. Check took the puck away to the right corner. Spends it behind the net, Marcus Kruger there Gruber around drops it left wing corner dissuade or Kuku swept away by breeze block cougar. Got it. Back to Kunitz left point drives it off the end boards and the puck rides around to the far. Side and lebeau. Coughed it up into Murphy skates. He'd catch the puck into the right wing corner and everybody hacking and whacking four finally it's cold free to Murphy, right point. He fires a shot clock. Kunitz? Got it back right point to Murphy. Deep slot pounds a one timer. Miss neck. Shays up the near boards. Gustav forsling has it near the left point. Now, the David Caplan corner shot at across. And it's over the stick debrincat. Seabrook took it back at the right point. And fires that's blocked up the defense or point put it down to Brendan per Leany along the left boards and then good play. They're by Brock best aerobic connects to trust that puck back to center ice. Horsing Hawkesbury group company from center ice off the end boards and down in behind the net. Got it there passing up the left nightside rink wide. Pass deflects off a.

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