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I wouldn't do it early. I let him get comfortable. And then I'd lay them when I wanted to in the weeds, look bad. Statistically, does it bear it out. How many times we have picked sixes against him? He throw picks. He do all that type of stuff why because I'd get him to throw in a loaded zones. And but I would use. The fact that this a smart guy. He's going to get the ball out. Quick doesn't wanna get hit doesn't wanna get sacked? Maybe present of a pressure to him. Even though it's not a pressure in let them throw in the two loaded zone. So but helped me with this because Brady is a smart guy, Greg, and he also gets rid of the ball, really fat. Yes. So why doesn't that work against him? Well, it does. Sometimes. Yeah. It does. And it works against a lot of guys that the difference between Brady is if you go to three man rush, or you know, all of a sudden you overload a little bit and give them the an illusion of pressure. He's better and more patient. Now, the he sees it. Hey, I've had more time to throw the football. Where Ryan Fitzpatrick will just throw it regardless. Interesting. Okay. So what you're saying is as smart as a guy like Patrick is just basic intelligence. He went to Harvard. We understand all of that that there's a next level football smart that someone like Br. Radius, absolutely and him and Peyton Manning. Those are the to the rest of them. You know, there's guys I've played has really smiling. Yeah. I gotcha. All that. Hey, listen, buddy. I I know you got me one time. But at the end of the day, I probably beat your four or five times. So that's kind of how how it really is. And when you look at it, it's. You know, those are such exceptional guys Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and then draw a line. So let's talk specifically about Peyton. What is it that made him that just his preparation was out of this world? And so I remember I did a show with Michael creating right? And he would always get frustrated when people will talk about how. Well, this guy's preparation is greater no one works hard in this guy. He would always say we all work hard. We're all out there working hard. Are you telling me that in your view Peyton Manning legitimately worked harder prepared harder or better or smarter than other practically any other player? Look if if I mean absolutely greenie I'm saying one hundred percent because his commitment to the game. And all that was second to none. So I'm saying is you prepare twenty hours out of the twenty four hour day. Probably like, it's crazy when you get to that level. He. He doesn't expect you to have that same kind of commitment. Although he expects you to to be committed and all that to do your job. But then go a little extra Peyton Manning would in in. You know, would would go way beyond that way beyond that, you know, we're we're playing and we get be in Baltimore one of the greatest defenses in the history. Nobody talks about is our two thousand and six raven defense led the league and more categories than any defensive a history. Okay. Lee look at them. But here's the deal. We gave up five field goals to Peyton Manning. Okay. We also turned it over four or five times that game. But we had the best team. We're gonna win the Super Bowl that year. And it was just you know, it hasn't gone well form he may be thirty quarterback rating or something like that hasn't gone. Well, but at the end of the day they needed to play the most it came down to a third down. If we were gonna finally get the ball back wound win the game. And I'm sitting back over. There. And and we play like a two man coverage. It's impossible the make throw that he makes yet he prepared himself. So well that if if literally you had the size of a basketball goal and laid it out there the ball would have gone through there. The only spot he can fit it in he fitted in why he was prepared to do it. And it's just he was on time. Remember that team did very little motion all that kind of stuff they lined up, and they just played but over and over I can't how many times Marvin Harrison he's got him in the same spot all the time..

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