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And i've kind of felt like if i needed to go back into my job at huffpost live today and actually talk about things that are going on daily or has to show like morning joe or something like that will has shown like the one that you are about to launch it would do my hidden i'd feel like i was descending a free i feel like i was kind of lowering myself gently into a spa that happened to be full of using black lebuhraya top hit ta and that i would never be able to scrub the stench of my at feel like the bad guy the matrix was like it it's the smell a sudden hill us how do you want it's like him inside that jacuzzi of tyre michael well how should i look i mean i think you've gotta make a couple of distinctions i mean i i i completely relate actually and i've been lucky in the sense that being you know i mean whether i guess at times as a guest on this show like the show used to do and huffpost live or on different tv shows on uh you know there might be a little bit more of like a horse race aspect to it i guess i guess my kind of basic answer is is that there's always been a lot of bullshit uh in politics and political reporting and i've always said and i've always maintained that if you're really just primarily interested in the kind of like horse race showbiz aspect to politics which you know i enjoy to some extent and its relevance to some extent but at that was really your main thing i had no idea why you wouldn't prefer to be a sports reporter or covering movies are covering music like if you just want to cover the entertainment aspect once you cover something where people are doing more interesting things in the night miller more engaging and look better and everything so i never understood that at so but the point i'm in a but on the flip side and you know this is the kind of balance in my career that on is you know the the other two aspects of politics is that it.

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