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Where were you press box down the sideline where were you for in the closing seconds there for the Cody parkey missed slash block. Yeah. I was about twenty yards from that wolf. Oh, so I was right on the heels on the eagles side of the stadium. I mean, can you tell like just the being down on field level to like the the level of anxiousness throughout the stadium? Would you say at that moment like before the kick knowing what kind of season it was for Cody? Yes, for sure, you know, I was looking into the stands people were you know, they had. It had their head in their hands. And they were hanging over the railings. Couple of people who are making the praying motion. There was there was a lot of that going on. There was a lot of that printed a baby Jesus for sure how does Nick foles keep doing this. Even after a couple of turnovers to remain calm and cool and throw a couple of second half touchdown passes. There. There is something strange about how this is all come together. The last couple of years, isn't there sell? Well, I think you have to just say it's some ability at some point. I mean, you don't hear what the guy is done. Since since since coming into the starting role. He beat Mike Zimmer. He was he was the underdog against Mike Zimmer in the NFC championship game and Mike Zimmer coach, and we know that. So he beats the Vikings thirty one to seven putting more points on the Vikings at any quarterback is two thousand seventeen then he goes to the Super Bowl any beats Bill Belichick. The so-called offensive genius one five Super Bowls. Then this year he comes in. He goes to LA, and he beats Wade Phillips who wants to with the Broncos then engineers a fourth quarter comeback against Romeo Cornell. Houston texans. And then he beats Vic Fangio in the fourth quarter at home with a twelve play sixty yard drive. Three minutes and fifty two seconds culminating with a force and to sprint right option. Which is literally one of the oldest plays in a book. We saw we saw it with Joe Montana. Dwight cork so it was sheer execution. I mean, you go back, and look I posted something, and I'm not much of a social media. But I do have a do have an Instagram account. Sal pal ESPN posted you know, we were watching the film that shape of that play over and over again. So I posted the play on my Instagram account. So letter Floyd is coming over the edge lane. Johnson leaves him alone because there's a screaming linebacker Fangio basically called zero blitz and Floyd comes right past Darren sproles like spoils is just standing still and he's just about the drape himself over. Foles? And falls delivers a sidearm strike to Golden State puts it exactly where it needs to be put. I mean, it was really truly a great passed. So sure we can talk about the and we can talk about magic. But if you beat Zimmer Bella, check Cornell and San GIO, and you do it all in the fourth quarter coming from behind. At some point. You have to give the guy is do was was Nagy outcoached by Peterson. I would say Nagy was not out coast. I thought he'd lost control of the game at the beginning. I think Torri Cohen witness protection. We're trying to figure it out. I mean, fourteen touches combined for Howard and Cohen is surprising trying to figure out what happened to Burton too. So we guess all of a sudden he's got a groin injury during a walk through on Saturday that it makes the play on Sunday mysterious at best. But that's not first of all you can't say enough about Mitchell Trubisky. I thought Mitchell Trubisky, you know, he he had a little bit of rushed at the beginning of the game. And he shook it off. An eagles defence Schwartzkopf shorts Schwartz. Coast defense, you guys know that in that it can cause defects. Trubisky. Shook it off. And he started to take control the game that double move past. Allen Robinson for twenty two yards in the fourth quarter to put them ahead brilliant, and I'd like to go back to something else com. Go back to the series right before Trubisky hits Robinson for the touchdown. I thought at third and three on the eagles thirty three. Peterson lost his nerve a little bit that he lost trust and foles because he had a run pass option. That was clearly a run Darren sproles, they get only two yards. It's fourth and one and they have the punted away in a situation like that. You know, he wrote a book called fearless. And he's been pretty fearless. As a coach that he would have put it in foles, his hands and said, okay, Nick, I need you to get a first down here because I don't I'm not ready to give the ball back Chicago. And he gave it right back to them and Trubisky answered and the bears go up fifteen to ten. Then the eagles part. And then the bears have to part then see that's the key drive. Right. The key drive is at seven minutes to go three and out. Three and out. That's it. That was it Howard minus two Trubisky sack, Michael Bennett. And then that's short pass over the middle to Torri Cohen. Okay. That that was that was the in my view where Maggie was out coast right in that grouping right there, if you could say anything about Nagy in the fourth quarter, and you know, John in the playoffs. It comes down to literally a play here a play there in the fourth quarter. And it comes down to decisions made by coaches and quarterbacks coaches and quarterbacks. So now, they go out to let's see you've got the the saints now and there was an ugly game when they went down to the first time. But when a team starts wrong with a little confidence, you know. I mean who who's to say that they can't go down there when right sale after what they keep proving in this playoff runs in going back to last year. And when I talked to Peterson after the game he said he didn't even look at the film after the game. And you've been on teams where the coaches film away barrier. I don't wanna see burn it will burn it. Get rid of it. I don't want to talk about I want to see it. So he said that he was gonna go back and look at it for the first time. Well, when he got back to the office last night, you said it was gonna pop it in and it was they got waxed. Jazz wax, totally lacks. So what are they are? They a different team. Then they were in November. They lost forty eight two seven two the saints. Yes. Are they different enough? Don't know. Well, listen, Sal, if they if this magic continues, we'll keep having you on to give us the Phillies side of things, I'm not sure what's going to happen Sunday night. Obviously, it seems like the saints are definitely the better team playing at home. But as long as this right continues for Philly. We're gonna keep putting you on. All right. I'm ready to every thanks Sal have a good week. Say that Sal paolantonio. Yeah. They they lost that game. That's the game that dropped into foreign six and everybody thought, well, that's it for the defending champs, then they win five of six year. Forty eight seven. I mean, they got a visceral in that game Carson Wentz playing quarterback. But this does appear to be a different team sales. Not wrong about that. Dr. I tweeted about it when the bears got the boy said, here's what you need a nice long five minute drive three and out run play minus two yards. It got blown up. Michael Bennett, by the way, had a good game minus dump penalty. Michael Bennett had a good game. Saks Trubisky, and then you had no choice, and then you're really limited. Right. When you've got the lead like that in your all of a sudden now, you're at like thirty nineteen you really can't get very creative. Now, it's let's get a little bit extra yardage if we can be careful in punt the football away the ball over yet. Give it back to those those first to work killers instead of having that nice long sustained drive, you go three and out, and you know, where and then you give the ball back to Nick foles, we need Joe's winner. Who was our Joe's stone crab primetime player of the weekend. Caller, tend to get the first crack at answering that correctly for the one hundred dollar gift card.

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