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I hope so too. And that that was my answer to I think it would be a bad sign of Roman reigns. Look at some of that Kevin own showing up as anything but a complimentary wrestler similar in age. I think about two years apart in age Kevin owns a couple of years older than Roman lot more entering experience but both with great upside We have an email questioned from Nelson. Who SAYS This is Nelson from the Bronx? New York could be P torch. Subscriber does humorous think. We'll eventually see Kevin Owens and brock listener lockup in the future you know. How would anybody know really What would it be a nice fantasy booking? That's a good question for Nelson to ask me on twenty second in the gramercy theater in New York City. There's a plug. I do Cuban as well. The deal is it's an interesting question by then we may know more about it but the thing is if I think brock listeners should be and maintain being a baby face I don't think brock lesser has any business being a he'll And I very firm and that believe And I think that Kevin has a great future. I understanding how to be a villain in today's Society of wrestling when it's never been harder to be a villain than it is today. I think he kinda gets those. Those challenges so I would say the chances are better than fifty fifty that Kevin Owens and and brock listener their paths cross at some point in time It seems to be so. I don't say it's inevitable but it's it's it's close to being inevitable that it would it would it would the I would if I had to say yes or no would probably say yes. Well I don't have any idea The phone lines are open. I want to open up. The phone is especially those who have been hold for a while during the early technical problems a lot of people on hold our phone number is six four six seven. Two one nine two eight. If you want to get in line on the phone banks I want to begin with phone. Calls with Eriko. Two six five zero and then on deck will be three one zero six five. Please state your name and the city. You're calling from good afternoon. This is Dante calling from the San Francisco Bay area. How are you today doing great? Don't they thanks for calling? What are we got? Jim Appreciated Mr Rosca to talk to you. I'm I was at the Rock bar the day before Wrestlemainia so I salute you on getting the jump on an xt with the summer. Which joe well thank now? Pardon me I'm GonNa ask you a question. This is a question I wanted to ask you at the Rock Bar. However I couldn't get close enough to Kinda my way I'd ask you a question that's Somewhat related to the past but also delves into present day I've been a fan of wrestling watching wrestling since the sixties grew up here in the bay area. Ray Stevens was the big man out. Here in the sixties and seventies generally throughout the decades. And I generally would regard if I were to look at the workers of each particular decade. I would suggest that Ray. Stevens what the worker the Sixties Jack Brisco of the seventies rick flair of the Eighties Shawn Michaels of the nineties. What I'd like to ask you is who in your opinion would be considered the premier worker of the decade of the two thousand and going forward into this decade. Who Do you see as a front runner or a good chance of being regarded as top worker of this decade? Thank you welcome. I don't know exactly what you're you're talking about Enron. Your your list is good As far as just the there guys that Probably drew more money or as much money as individuals. You mentioned I. I would have guessed that you're basing your criteria on Build a bill ring skills is what I'm assuming as by now it'd be granted you know To thousands I don't know I don't know who who there's a lot of guys that could be in the two thousand you know Enforcing Austin got banged up or you know just money then you gotta the Human List. Probably two thousand before he got all banged up. Is Kurt Angle? Been hard to beat. You know and I don't know that the I think the jury is still out on the two thousand ten plus two thousand ten forward. I have to really give it some thought on the world's worst giving somebody lists what's your favorite match. Who's your favorite baby face What what WHO's your I? I'm really bad at that because I contradict myself almost daily mood and all that I worked on a book and Mike My Writing Partner wants me to you know do. What's your top ten favorite matches and I? I don't know that I'm even going to be able to do that. Because it's just It's like saying what's your favorite kid. You know you've got children. So what's your favorite child? How how would you answer that? What's the favorite meal? What are the top ten meals you ever ate? You know you've had a lot of good meals sir. Well it depends on your mood. What was the atmosphere in? Your memory would be different all the time. Yeah absolutely I like your list Ray and Jack but you know there's there's a lot of arguments can be made a fuck it. I like the Jack Brisco. Pick quite frankly You know the in the sixties You know there's every guys would argue in the sixties you. It was a a better hand but I. I know from talking to the to the talents. That Ray Stevens is regarded as one of the best ever Shawn Michaels I. You know if you said Shawn Michaels in the nineties I have Shawn Michaels at the top of my list of all time guys Flair in the eighties can argue that one. Unless you go with Hogan and if I just WanNa work and skillset then obviously flair is going to be Hogan. If you go on money it's going to be flair. Are Notoriety are putting the business in a map for there's so many criteria it's hard to ever. What is the right answer? You know I it is a really right answer and and I think for those of us that love the business. That's not even that's not a bad thing because it can. I know from my shows that I do and we'll get into all kinds of discussions and these Q. And as we do because I don't ban any questions or censor anybody You really a lot of times. Those favorites come our original favor. Certain regionality has a lot to do with. Somebody just fell in love with all. This is if you talk to wait somebody from the AWA. 'cause that's where. He grew up his influences from from Awa as a kid. You made a change since he's gotten older. But I guarantee you there's discussion be. He got into discussion. The AWA would have representation and it should so. I don't know if I got answers for you and that I'm trying to give you some background and not blow your question. Offer disrespect too. But I'd have to sit down and look at it and it's still. I don't know if I'm smart enough to figure it out tomorrow. May Have a different mindset. Aloha torch fateful. This is Kelly wells host of WT talks annex t every Thursday. You can hear me.

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