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A couple of ducks reach milestones in the team's win over the capital Sunday night before the game hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had his number twenty seven retired. He kept on the team to it's only Stanley Cup in two thousand seven. He's also the ninth player in the NHL history to have his number retired by two teams, the devils retired his number back in twenty eleven and goalie Ryan Miller returned to the ice after two months making twenty three saves against the capitals giving him three hundred seventy five career wins. That makes him the all time wins leader by a US board goaltender breaking. It's high with John Vanbiesbrouck Miller called it a nice moment saying when he was growing up watching hockey then vs. Brooke was definitely a goalie. He looked up to. The evidence is taking the story in another direction. And now as a piece Matt small reports investigators in Chicago wants to meet again with actor jussie smollet Chicago police say their investigation into last month's reported attack on empire. Aker jussie smollet has shifted after questioning two brothers who had been considered suspects. Authorities say they're not pursuing another interview with him. After questioning the pair who were released Friday without charges. A police spokesman declined to comment on published reports that site unnamed police sources that authorities police melitz stage the assault or that a grand jury meager evidence. In the case, I'm Matt small. Honda will close the facility in western England. According to a British broadcaster as AP correspondent charlesdale desma reports some thirty five hundred jobs could be lost Sky News as the Japanese automaker is to announce Tuesday that the Swindon plant. Well, Honda makes civic model will close in twenty twenty two the United trade union, which represents workers at the plant says it's looking into the report this latest closure comes as businesses are issuing increasingly urgent warnings about the damage being done by the uncertainty around witness looming exit from the EU set for March twenty nine threes is yes, no clarity on what trade rules apply after Brexit. Charles de LA desma, London. AP radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the border with Mexico has led to protests across the country. Amanda Gonzalez with common cause in Denver says the nation is better than this. Because people power is what makes our democracy better. And you all came out in the snow and the cold to show that racism and the abuse of power is wrong. Protesters are demanding congress take action to block block the declaration of White House adviser says Trump is prepared to issue as I veto of this term if congress passes such a resolution attorneys general in twelve states, including California, and the you say they are going to sue the president a woman in her three woman in three children all elementary age or younger refound shot. The death today in a home in western Michigan north of Grand Rapids, Kent County sheriff Michelle the joy young had very very sad. It's always hard when there's deaths in the community. But it's absolutely the most difficult when there are kids involved it's been very difficult for our investigators. And I'm sure. It is for the community as well. The joy young says they're still working to confirm the identities of the four and that investigators do not believe a shooter is at large an assistant public school principal. Former NFL and college football player has been shot and killed in a dispute over a parking space in Aurora, Colorado. They rap Ajo county sheriff's office says forty six year old Anthony TJ Cunningham died today. Thirty-one-year-old Marcus Johnson is being held on a first degree murder charge. Investigators say he shot cutting him yesterday in a parking lot between two schools North Carolina's elections chief says a political operative rounded up votes for Republican running for congress last year conducted an illegal and well-funded ballot harvesting, but today's first session of the elections board hearing produce little evidence that the GOP congressional candidate. He worked for new about or even benefited this is AP radio news. West Virginia teachers going on strike tomorrow and protests of appending education Bill they see as retaliation for walkout last year in which they want a five percent pay raise French fencing experts add lightsabres to competition. This force is with them. Unlike the plots of the Star Wars movies competitive lightsaber dueling is harmless lightsaber maker Christian abuse says there are options for anyone set on being a.

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