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Can help change their future in a single moment. See how for your support can go at unbound dot org. Today, we've got some sunshine, a high in the upper eighties. And then for tonight, clear skies, a low in the upper sixties on Saturday, sunshine, a high in the upper eighties on Sunday, thundershowers and a high in the low eighties. It's seventy degrees. Memphis morning news time is seven forty three. Serving your family now for half a century, Joe Stewart BodyShop twenty nine sixteen summer avenue. They might as well they should just simply make that landmark in Memphis been here for fifty years, and serving so many folks throughout time. Joe sir. Bodyshop prides itself on a couple of things. One, great customer service from the moment you pick up the phone, and call three two three two two nine six three two three two nine six or go by the website to make an appointment. You're going to be taken care of you're gonna get great communication. You're going to know what's going on when lay out the expectations that will be laid out and they're going to help you take headaches off of your plate. Because it can be if you gotta take a car into fixing, let's be honest. I mean getting it towed to the shop have having to deal with the insurance company will Joe Stewart, BodyShop works with the insurance companies. They'll bring the gesture come out so that you're not taking that vehicle all over the place. They're so helpful. Now let's talk about what they do. They're the workmanship voted Memphis, most best auto repair shop here for several years now commercial peel. That's that's the customers talking. But when it comes to certified craftsmanship,.

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