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It's got to be home improvements have been replaced in electrical outlets, painting stuff fixing this and that when you're stuck looking at it all day, suddenly find his motivation to actually do something about it. I swear I should've bought stock and lows. That's good. Thanks for the coma. That's obviously biggest biggest one. I've been talking to contractors. Off the show. They are booked until, like summertime. My God, it doesn't collect my big electrical projects. He says. Don't even call me. I can't do anything till summer. Well, it's your butt. That's nice to know. Because say, I came into a little bit of money from my mom. And so I want to redo my kitchen. But I need like granite countertops, and I can't do that. So I'm gonna have to try and see if I can find somebody that can do it. But you can pick up the stuff. I will pick up the stuff. My girlfriend will help me. She's an interior designers. That's comes in handy. I mean, my thing for me is just micromanaging my the stuff that we have. We took another trip to goodwill. We've clean and re clean and reorganized. My office area is like And span or as my Now that grandmother used to say, speaking of spunk. Are you doing it? Or is Kathy do I'm doing it? Well, she's helped. She's doing her project. Okay, the hall closet. We had a lot of, you know, Kitchen stuff. It's like amazingly organized Now, every every inch of the house reorganized more efficient. I am and gold mode. I don't want all this crap. Get it out of here. I think that's part of its part of getting older, too. Right? You want to. You don't need all this stuff like people say they wanna buy me stuff. I don't need that. I don't want it. I don't want it to somebody else. I don't want to put my kids through what we had to go through and cleaning up my mind. I know I've done that for a few people when their parents passed away. It is not a fun job. Then you're trying to figure out what's worthy of keeping and It's just it's It's an interesting development from the pandemic. Obviously, there's the serious side of it. We're trying to keep each other, healthy and safe and do the right thing whenever we can, But at the same time we learned something about ourselves. And for me, it's just one. We don't need all this stuff and to It's easier to find stuff, right. I know where every tool that I own is now okay down to the screwdriver. I know where it is. Okay? Okay. Maybe I'm driving myself crazy would say that's a little excessive, but, you know, But, you know, Hey, it's you. Don't have to live with you. So it's it's totally up to. You know, we should probably ask Kathy what she thinks about always. Anyway. All right, we'll get to some other fun stuff this hour. It is 11 31 from the WTMJ breaking. You said it good to have you back, Mr Eric Bill stuff. Thank you, sir. A suspect remains on the run following a deadly shooting at the Fox River Mall near Appleton On Sunday. One person killed in that shooting, another injured Please say they're looking for a 17 year old named Desmond Ellis. They say Ellis is armed and dangerous. Packers head coach Matt LaFleur says he expects quarterback Aaron Rodgers to being Green Bay for years to come the floor, reiterating that today during his zoom call with reporters. Meanwhile, the G M. Brian Gooden, who says there's no truth to a report that The Rams had called the Packers about trading for Rogers. President Biden is set to meet with a group of 10 Republican senators. Today Those senators have proposed a $618 billion coronavirus aid bill. It's about a third of what the president wants. Republicans propose slimmer benefits, including $1000 in direct payments to individuals who were in up to 40,000 year time for the WTMJ, Drake and Associates. Market Update Right now, the Dow still in the green, it's up. It's looking good up 248. Now the 30,000 to 31, the NASDAQ is up 310 to 3 13,081. Yes, and beans up 58 to 37 73 wtmj paella w dot com Time Saver Traffic.

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