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His second year for your Xavier musketeers in the front court is six seven sophomore from Atlantic City. New Jersey number thirteen ninety Marshall Nause lease the musketeers in scoring and rebounding thirteen points, eight boards a game. Also in the front court is six nine hundred from Bloomfield, Connecticut, number zero tyreek Jones tyreek is second in the big east and offense of rebounding. He's averaging nine points and seven boards a game. The small Ford's a six four senior from Marietta, Georgia. Number two Kyle castle in in the back a six three sophomore from Indianapolis number one, Paul squats pause coming off a double double against Marquette, seventeen points, ten rebounds a game. His first double double of his career. And the point guards at six four junior from cameras Ville, Kentucky, number three. Quinten good head coach Travis deal in his first year. Starting lineups were brought to you by BBN. Tia proud partner of Xavier athletics Xavier leads the series with Georgetown thirteen to four including five straight wins in the series and eight wins in the last nine meetings Xavier won both games of teams played last year. Byron you mentioned the musketeers struggled offensively against Marquette, a bright spot, certainly pulse. Crowds with his first double double seventeen points. And Ryan Welsh over the last nine games is twenty two or forty four from three point range shooting. Fifty percent. Those are two guys. Maybe they need to take more shots yet. No doubt about it. Joe ryan. Well, it is what he was brought in to be in. What what meal he's playing his role. He's in there that stretch the defense. He does that. He hunt shots on the perimeter liked to see him shoot more. And you got a guy Paul scrubs shooting over forty percent from three the I'd be okay with both of those guys launch more triples coming up talk with the head coach of the Xavier musketeers Travis deal. This is. The musketeer game show brought to you by energy pellets of America premium would Pella fuel for stoves and boilers, visit by heating pellets dot com, and this is musketeer basketball from learfield on seven hundred w w. Today..

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