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Okay. So osmosis Jones beginning, you've already summed up the I literally ten minutes of this movie and it's Bill Murray eating egg that a monkey stop. It's so gross. It's so gross him putting the man as on the egg, and then the monkey stealing the egg, and then he steals the egg and his poor daughter. This is okay. This is part of the I don't feel like. Something about Mary had this level of like depravity where we have this adult man who has lost his wife, the mother of his daughter at some point in the past, due to sickness that they sort of insinuate was brought on by unhealthy lifestyle. Yes. Like that is very that said several time. Yeah. Like if you guys took better care of yourself, maybe mom would still be here. Yes. I mean, she explicitly says that mom would still be alive if you guys had a better diet. It's never made clear. What what exactly happened. But that definitely is is like the daughter says this, but in the face of this. From his child. He is eating buckets of chicken and the he wants to take her to a wing festival. he's just just like, so in her face about his complete lack of Self Care Slams Beers with a shirtless. Chris Elliott, wearing a really tragic wig which that was part was good. Meanwhile we meet. Oz Most Jones, who is a cop that has been demoted because he took. Some sort of action, the a forced frank to throw up. eight. saw he frank, ADA battle waster at a school science fair. No that's later this is, are you talking about that a flashback? Yeah. Okay. Could you not follow this movie? So confusing said, yes, there was a flashback Frank Ada..

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