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Friday in the noon hour free lunch Friday from Silver Diner and W T o p 11 28 traffic and weather on the eighths factory to Kessler in the traffic center. Seeing a bit of a delay on the Beltway in Maryland, Prince George's County outer Loop between 4 50 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Looks like the work that was on the inner loop has moved to the outer loop of the Beltway headed all the way toward new hand. Sure, Avenue so watch for Elaine to be blocked. You'll also find delays on North Bound 29 near Lockwood Drive. It's a single lane getting by the work state of the right to get by South bound to 70 near 28. The work was in the right lane North bound 15 years, Seventh Street in Frederick that had been the scene of a broken down vehicle and 27 south of 80 in Damascus. You were under police direction due to some downed wires and some utility work in the area to 14 Central Avenue between campus way in Lake Harbor Way was a report of a wreck. Also south bound Connecticut Avenue at Bradley Lane. The right lane had been blocked with the crash South bound I 97 year three and 32. The left lane gets by the work and the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge, the right lane of two blocked with the cones and the westbound span runs two way traffic in Virginia. We have the delays on 66 eastbound approaching and passing 1 23. Besides the fact that this is with him that long term works own after 1 23. There had been a broken down vehicle on the right side and a crash on the left than inside the Beltway. Delays headed toward Route seven, where there should be some work set up south bound 95 slows out of Lord in and across the optic wand, But North bound looks good out of Fredericksburg into Springfield. Now through the end of the year Van Meter is celebrating the holiday season by giving you up to $15,000 in savings. Start a brand new home. Learn more by visiting van meter homes dot com slash savings. I'm Rita Kessler. W T. O P. Traffic are forecast from Storm Team four's Lauren Rickets today, mostly in the forties. We could have a few upper thirties out there, but we've got the cloud. Out there We have some fog still believe or not,.

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