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Michael Cohen the personal lawyer to President Trump former personal lawyer, to President Trump, he actually. Taped conversations between himself. And the candidate and president-elect he taped conversations There is no bigger you know. My promise my problem is right now I wish I was. On satellite radio That's how I feel I swear to you, there is not there's nothing. In me that doesn't wanna lineup every lawyer in Indianapolis and. Slot Macron's the face. The friends, to every. Lawyer she gets slapped across. The face for what Michael Cowan did Taped these conversations Everybody is just is third rate as. I see it but let's talk about what's on them because it's, on them is is I guess the conversation whether or, not the president-elect whether or not a candidate was working to proactively silence Somebody who he. Had, either either had a sexual relationship with or claimed that. There was a sexual relationship this is about silencing a story that, was purchased by the National Enquirer about making a payment, to I think it's called American media can media sorry And making payments to them to make sure story doesn't run now you might say wow and that's that's pretty crazy well the woman that we're talking about. McDougal Karen McDougal the former playboy playmate who I will admit beautiful woman then and now she sold. Her story for one hundred and fifty thousand. Dollars So. You can buy a, story, you could, sell a story. Especially, of this kind with with salacious details this happens like it don't like it that's okay this does happen and. Donald Trump would not be the first he has not been the last So it was a question of how this. Kind of payment should go forward That's what the conversation seems to be about now If I was a guy who, wanted to give credit to Chris Cuomo and CNN. I would mention all the caveats Chris Cuomo. Gale How the tape, is? Certainly inconclusive, there's questions about what got said. On the tape there is you know it's not the best quality of of recording right he said all those things, good on him You knew all that and you still played it it was given to them by Lanny Davis Lanny Davis longtime leftist. Influenced Clinton Easter the lawyer for Michael Cohen Cohen chose this lawyer there is a question that I have about how. The tape was able to be played. Exactly how much of any privilege. Was waived. Why was the tape leaked is is a standard a, type of protocol in these cases where that part doesn't matter just. Continue the pylon and President Trump that's all that matters from, CNN I, don't I cannot tell you at this moment, of? This journalism, or this is a hitch up I'm going to. Play you the audio that we. Have you. Tell me now Tony why are you playing the audio, if you don't like the tape The audio has. To get an. Heard I would not. Have released. A tape, I don't understand whether or not it was even. Legal to release the tape in that I don't know the privilege was wave I'm not. I mean I've seen reports on a lot of different subjects, I don't claim to be enough of an expert to know. If indeed on this subject so I don't know, if Lanny Davis broke Laura acted improperly or maybe it's, not about Lonzo about ethics to which case I hope the bar asks a question or two unless this is standard operating. Procedure and lawyers protect lawyers which, is, why I started with line them. All up down the streets of Indianapolis and let slap. Them in the face, I. Want them to walk like sir see in in in king's landing People yelling shame and throwing fruit while they walk the streets they they don't have to be naked nobody wants to see. Lawyers naked place it's ridiculous talk, here's, the tape let's go over it Big time This is what can we use? Him anymore get. Hundred burns he felt in Absolutely We got, surfing the New York.

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