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It's Conway show. What an anniversary here with his. Oh, J Simpson. You remember where you were when OJ was tooling around trying to watch the game. Trying to watch the NBA finals game own J Simpson. I was doing the same thing I was up in, in Canada. Right. I was up in Toronto. Working on a show called boogies diner. Anybody anybody? Oh, that's right. And James Marsden, right? Yeah. That's right, buddy. How'd you know that I've just a huge James Marsden fan? Okay. Anyway, to twenty fifth anniversary. Is it the twenty fifth anniversary of the chase or the murder chase the chase? The chase took twenty five years, but I am finally sick of OJ Simpson stuff. I am too, right? I think after seeing that many series that ride. Jail now. He's going to be on Twitter, though. He's going to be on Twitter stuff in there to play. It's crazy. Is he? Right. Why would you wanna go anywhere where somebody can trap you into having to confess again? And he's too thin skinned for Twitter. Right. Oh, yeah. No, no. He's already getting into people's DM's. Okay. I'll tell you what Twitter is whenever you. Have you put a video out there? Right. It could be of a baby, you know, saving a kitten from a traffic accident. And then she turns around and she wins the lottery. And she donates all the money to cancer research. Right. And like, wow, that's unbelievable. And there's going to be three or four four people go f- that baby. And I hope they all die in a car. So it's all, you know. So that's why they tell you, if you're sensitive never read the comments section under your video, because there will be somebody in there, no matter how positive your video is somebody will wish death on you or the children. Whoever correct. Your grammar. Those people are our history. I think people are learning not to do that. But I put out a video. Of my, my, when my dad, I think my daughter was two or three. And I bought one of those electric actually Dave Hardin gave me a gift. It was electric car for my daughter to tool around in, but because she was so small, she couldn't control the Carcelle, so as remote control, and she would drive around, so she got out of it. And my dad was controlling it and foam ran or over with the car, right? It didn't hurt it was just it was funny. So I put up on video on YouTube. I think it's still on YouTube as it gets hit by a car, right? I can't I can't tell you how many people are saying there's a real car. I thought it was she really got hurts a toy car. You've got to put that description, you idiot. Okay. All right. So I just allowed the. The comments section, but they tell you, if you ever, if you're thin skin, or even if you don't want to hear the negative comments don't read the comments section of anything you put up a YouTube anything. Well, Twitter is just all comment section. That's all it is. The whole thing is a comment section, and they do not hold back. They hate everybody. They hate everything. It's great. But so he's gonna come on Twitter. He's gonna be pissed and then he's going to say, okay. So what if I did do it? You know, he's going to get into one of those arguments, because the first thing that someone's going to say OJ, why don't you just admit that you killed those people? Right. And he's got to read that every single day, you know, goes on, you know, you got new Twitter know what if there's a indicator got. Get a notification. When you have mentioned yes, so he's going to go on. Oh, hey, maybe there's some hot girl in Texas who wants to meet me. And the first thing he does is OJ. Why don't you admit to the killing those people man? O J Simpson house, your house hunting. Well, there's a guy who posted a video of exchange in his direct messages with OJ and OJ's saying, hey, could you take down this account? It's fake, and it's a parody account. The parody account is at killer OJ Simpson. This is great. Let's get into all of this here. This is unbelievable. OJ simpson. Twenty five years ago twenty five years ago, I think Bonda wasn't even born twenty one fifty in the afternoon at Parker center. Downtown Los Angeles. What are the most wash the moments in United States? History is about to begin the Los Angeles Police Department right now. Is actively searching for Mr Simpson. Rumors a young David Goldstein for mister Simpson..

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