Jim Harbaugh, Tyson Campbell, Tommy Bush discussed on Championship Drive


Come here in we'll play for championships that in itself i think is a big deal and i i would point to a team like michigan as an example to the opposite of that when i remember when jim harbaugh was hired there was a lotta buzz because of who he was in a lot of prospects that i want to go check out michigan now because of jim harbaugh but then you looked at the product on the field now over the next couple of years and it it that buzz were seeing there's less buzzes around michigan now and now look at the class for them there outside of the top ten it's vision verses result it's it's buzz verses actual winds you get you get a little bit of leeway you gotta you get a grace period if you will as a new coach where you can sell i need you here to help move this thing forward but after a certain time if you don't move forward that buzz goes away and it's like okay well what where's the worst the progress like a new stadium opens up the fans show up it's great season tickets bohm africa visger star when it's again eggs exact and and so that that's the interesting thing for for michigan so georgia sitting there at one are they so you mentioned tyson campbell looking down the list of our 12 announcements and that is the only one of the two no they've got a tommy bush they're in on bush it doesn't seem like they're going to get tommy bush will get woke we'll go through some of these but you actually have the first three announcements are from the same school andrew chatfield top defense event he's at american heritage again if that i'm going go with that very quickly to see if a american heritage actually lost a game and if they did i'm going to have to ask them how when they're a hunter air but um so that's andrew chad he's down the florida florida state in miami see miami's name mention a few times here for some of these prospects again that would make sense because they're in florida the one the fourth announcement that we're going to have on wednesday is nick petite freer who is the number one offensive tackle in the class we have him down to bama florida michigan ohio.

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