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A four ex trader or investor can always outperform a stock or mutual fund investor. How? Because with stocks and mutual funds all people know is buy low and sell high. Okay, that would work. Great if all the market did was go up forever, But what's reality? It doesn't always go up. Come on. We all know the market moves in three directions. What are they up, down and sideways, if all you know How to do is buy low and sell high, then congratulations. You are a one trick pony and exactly where the financial industry wants you to be regarding your understanding of how the market really works. Now there are some people that will argue this because shorting a stock is a strategy to the reality is most people don't know about it, let alone understand it, and it cannot be done in most accounts, especially retirement accounts. And don't forget shorting or buying a stock or mutual fund can also be very expensive and very risky. So what's an alternate? Live. How about participate in a market where it's roughly nine times the size of the U. S stock market where one can truly be diversified? Here's a common question We get in our life sessions got any stock tips? Why do you think people would ask that Because there are thousands of choices when it comes to stops? It's up to you to spend the time and resource is searching for which one makes the most sense and the one you can afford to wonder why it can be so confusing in the forest market. We focus on eight major currency pears. What if it were possible to be diversified in a market that offers true non correlated assets? What the heck does that mean? It means having the ability to off that short term losses that can complement your current investment style and add the ability to benefit when the market goes up or down. In other words, protect yourself and your money. What if you didn't have an investment account or a lot of money to start trading with that's a beautiful thing. When it comes to the forest market, it trades differently than stocks Instead of buying shares. We control currency using Locks. We'll go into further detail during your tribal, which reminds.

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