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Oh because these tiny little bones they're inside the tendon are incredibly important for mechanical advantage but when they break like kyrie irvings did we have learned a long time ago in orthopedic surgery that it's not enough for us to just put screws in because the force of the muscle is in essence fighting us trying to pull the bones apart the bone will not heal unless the two edges kiss each other they need to be under compression if there's any kind of tension which is the opposite of compression the bones don't touch they will never heal and you'll have fractious that will go on forever and not he'll so when we first started doing patella fractures we learned we could get the two bones to kiss on the compression but guess what happens even you being in a cast or brace you start walking around your firing your quadriceps muscle you start pulling the fracture apart so we came up with a brilliant idea that we learned from the construction industry my dad was a carpenter so this comes in handy and it's called attention bay wire we literally right under the skin lupu wire in a figure eight and we can take the ends of the wire and tighten it so that the front of the bone the more you bend your knee actually squeezes the two bones together so kyrie irving had a patella fracture she had two screws and this tension wire put in which on fortunate unfortunately lives right under the skin well go play basketball for the celtics in the nba you will be rubbing that wire just under the skin gets irritated ended effects his play he's such a trooper like a thomas's and they can play through any like marcel while you can play through anything because the adrenaline and you're a professional athlete but at some point it's enough so they take them to surgery to at least open up the skin and get rid of the irritating wire that's underneath.

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