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Nineteen sixty eight and in nineteen ninety. Origins debuted as an ecologically friendly brand aimed at young people. Clinic is one example of an important business principal that made a stay Lauder, a leading giant in the cosmetics industry. The business principle of participating in emerging business trends helped keep a stay Lauder, relevant to new markets and kept her products accessible in shifting. Connie's forms highlighted the company's ability to move successfully into the digital space, making products available to online shoppers at one hundred twenty ecommerce sites taking advantage of other online trends in. In twenty fifteen. Estee Lauder launched a mobile app called clinics, skin care and makeup consultant, which offers skin tips based on the current weather in your area. Estee never stopped developing and growing her brand her career and social status grew along with the number of products. She had helped bring to department store shelves. Israel puts a stay in a special class of entrepreneurs along with Helena Rubinstein, and Elizabeth Arden. The last of a breed, their extraordinary personalities in in in the last century in the beauty business because each of them sort of became the CEOs of the dream. They were selling. A true example of the American dream. Her hard work and dedication raised her social status and landed her at the forefront of herself made beauty empire. She became a fashion icon, famous for hosting, elegant and elaborate parties. She wrote in her memoir quote through business. I have met an infinite variety of fascinating people, and I have been entertained royally by so many. I liked to respond in kind and quote, she socialized among celebrities, politicians and even royalty, and she supported number of charities that supported the arts as well as medical research programmes. She received the French legion of honor and the golden key to the city of Paris. She stepped back a bit both from her company and from the public eye in nineteen eighty three. When her beloved husband Joseph died, she remained completely devoted to her two sons, their wives and her. Grandchildren, and it was a great point of pride that they all joined the family business. It meant a great deal to her to see her legacy carried on children and grandchildren. And she truly believed only a Lauder could offer the care and commitment that the company required. Estee Lauder passed away in two thousand four at the age of ninety six. But her brand still upholds s days signature standards of luxury and excellence. Before she passed away, she was quoted as saying, if you love to work and you have a goal, you'll get there. I didn't get there by wishing for it or hoping for it or dreaming about it. I got there by working for it and the proof of her hard work remains as stores and over one hundred fifty countries still carry her beauty lines, Estee Lauder, saleswomen continue to touch the lives and faces of women all over the. The world. Thanks for listening to great women of business. If you wanna listen to any previous episodes of great women of business, you can find them on apple podcasts tune in Google, play Stitcher and Spotify or on our website par, cast dot com. Spelled p. a. r. c. a. s. t. dot com. If you like, what you hear, please leave a five star review or tell us what you think on social media were on Facebook and Instagram as at par, cast and Twitter at par cast network. It seems simple, but it really helps our show. In the meantime, go break some glass ceilings. Great. 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