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And blocking my entrance and I'd say please guys let me through please let me I never had fewer than six cars running red lights behind me doing anything to be with me and on weekends it would be oh menacing when he it was such a bummer it's a bummer even to talk about 'cause you just feel like why give it attention but it did help and it helped quite a bit there's still L. A. Few at school and someday I when they least expect it I'm going to have him arrested they really congregate at Church which is a security issue for us and that is something that I have trouble with but they know they're going to get a shot they know the shot will sell at church every Sunday and it was the barrier for me taking my children to church for so long I just didn't want to I didn't WanNa put us all through it and then I just had a conversation with myself and decided to go for it and it is what I thought it would be but they they marched through they really love their church so it's okay well you know nothing I don't think prepares you for raising your kids in this environment and especially because you had such a different upbringing I know you were born in Houston you move to West Virginia when you were three years old to Charleston your dad was a chemical engineer your mom was a homemaker I became an English teacher my getting all this right yes okay good and I think the way you were raised and we talked about it a little bit earlier today was so anthony coal to the environment that you kind of her in and that the way you could potentially be sucked into raising your kids if this is making any sense but I laughed he said raised almost amish and what did you mean by that I mean that might not have zippers zippers buttons that allowed not to straight pins we couldn't per my hair ears aren't pierced we couldn't wear makeup or you know have nail Polish on that's just my dad he just wanted us to be very simple girls there was no emphasis in my house on looks it was who you were it was practice your piano and do your homework and go to ballet class and go to college go to college we all knew we were going to go to college which is a big deal since my parents they were the first of their entire families to go and you're the middle stor have any the middle child neurosis that sometimes happens still children don't have neuroses Katie because you're the youngest league let me point out that middle children are the most well adjusted contrary to my history getting old we are the peace makers were flexible and we do and this is true as well want attention I have one sister who's a CPA and one who is in marketing and I'm win Yucky Yucky I've gotta look at me that's unusual isn't it for the middle child because the middle usually once ails like they kind of got left out because sandwiched between the oldest and the youngest yeah that's so funny are you close to your sisters very close to both of them I've spoken to both of them in the last twenty four hours and I know that Nicole your manager who I had so much fun talking to recently at a dinner I think not only protecting your kids from outside forces but you all so have to protect your kids from stuff that's written about you and them and their dad you just don't read anything she said Oh I am so serious got it when you just realize that something is making you so unhappy and anything that I saw in print about myself my family at all was it just it mattered to me too much and you don't have control over it there's nothing you can do and I just made a decision I am never going to see my name in print if I can help it other than if it's a New York Times if you WanNa talk about once upon a farm I'm in but this morning when I saw my name in the your wakeup call I was thrilled but otherwise I don't look at a lot of sites I used to love Huffington post CNN they have a celebrity part of them and I just can't see it and what about your leads you know it's funny because my daughter's get anxious about social media one in particular she has sort of.

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