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Tim Conway junior show Kellyanne for ten KFI AM, six forty more stimulating talk. And if you've listened to me or the Mokhele show, you know, I love politics. It could be local it could be the national agenda. I love it all very passionate about it. I'm always interested to hear wide and varying distinct voices who are equally passionate. So that's part of the reason why I want to bring on Travis Allen, you know, him as former California state assembly member, representing the seventy second state assembly district and former candidate for governor. Now, he is a candidate for chair of the California state Republican party Travis Allen assemblyman, Alan thank you for coming on tonight. How you doing, sir? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me on. I'm curious. To know. I followed your political career you've always been energetic you've been enthusiastic, but how do you think that can or will transfer to the party writ large here in California? Well, I'll tell you right now that enthusiasm is going to have transferred to California Republican party. If you were paying any attention to the November elections Republicans got wiped out in the state of California lost half of their congressional delegation. So there's fifty three congressmen California. There used to be fourteen Republicans. There are now only seven in addition their numbers are now so low in the state legislature. They're not a two thirds supermajority democrat position, call it a democrat negative majority. That means the Democrats have seventy five percent of the seats in the state legislature. So you know, when people tell you the Republican party is dead, they're wrong. But I'll tell you it's on life support right now. And the party is going to really have to get its act together to motivate, you know, in rebuild by Republicans for Republicans to have any chance to compete in the twenty twenty presidential election cycle. There's something you didn't mention, but I'm quite sure, you know, in terms of. Of party registrations here in California, Republicans lag behind not only Democrats, but declined to state no party preference. It doesn't seem like they're the merging generations are registering to become Republicans. What is your plan to help reach those individuals who may not have chosen Republicans in the past or who may not have considered them up until this point. Well, a few things because it's a very good point. In a lot of the media's and making lately say, look, you know, Republican numbers have steadily declined in California. There's now about twenty five percent of the state registered Republican about forty percent registered democrat and the restaurant party preference. And you know, the answer is actually very simple Republicans has not done statewide voter registration in years. And if you hold you statewide voter, registration your numbers are going to decline. It's as simple as that you have to put your money where your priorities are. Now, there's a corollary to that though. Which is the governor's race the candidate Republicans for Ford actually, only got about thirty eight percent. That was the worst election result since nineteen seventy eight however can take a look at the last twenty years of governors races from nineteen ninety eight to two thousand eighteen every single governor candidate between thirty eight percent to forty two percent, with the exception of courses for tiger who won with forty six five percents. But all the rest republics got thirty forty two. Let's split the difference. Forty. That means over the last twenty years, even though the voter registration gone against Republicans dramatically. Still picking up about forty percent of the statewide vote for the top marquee races. What that means we need a lot of people are still voting Republican, even if they're not calling themselves Republican to what we need to do is we need to get out there and actually make that brand a worthwhile brand again. In front of the California voters that are real. They have the right solutions for California, and the people actually get out there and vote for this is where the party has not been doing for years. And that's exactly what we need to do. I've noticed also that in this recent election in twenty eighteen in November a lot of those races in Orange County, which some have now dubbed as blue county. We're very competitive nature. In other words, the distance is not that much or that significant. How do you go about finding future candidates, which can either close the gap or change the conversation for Republicans? Well, let me give you an example Antonio Sabado junior and another guy Omar Navarro JR. Ran a Los Angeles County and a couple of congressional races. We were actually heartily heavily out stamped by the Democrats and registration was dramatically out of their favor in those districts because of how the district you've been drawn by of course, you know, the state the state commissions, and you know, these people although they didn't win the races were. Phenomenal candidates in the phenomenal messages to be elevated to light to levels of leadership within the party. So everyone in California can understand that. It doesn't matter where you come from. It doesn't matter. What your last name is what the color of your skin is what your ethnicity is Republican values are solutions that work. You know, we take a look at the state of California, we have the highest poverty in the nation with highest homelessness, which of course, it massive problem in Los Angeles. We have one of the worst education systems and among the highest taxes every single one of these problems. There is Republicans solution for all we need to do is elect more Republicans. They look more like California. So we can have a seat at the table. And so all California's actually balancing their state government and hear both sides of the story. Let's drill down. Now, you mentioned homelessness you've mentioned education and poverty. Let's start first with homelessness. What do you see as the Republican answer or solution for that year? The root cause look, you know, it's it's not just people don't have the home. It's an eighty percent of them suffer from some sort of substance abuse or mental issue, and we need to change the laws in California. So the state has the ability to actually take care of these people get them off of the streets. Unfortunately, the ACLU is stepping in city after city ensued cities that have tried to clean up their streets. Now were you seeing downtown LA, there's a six block radius around, you know, fifth and wall where you essentially can't walk. It looks like a third world country. There's us on the streets. I mean, literally typhus people are dying open drug use open prostitution. And and this is the issue is this is not how we as society. These are not our values. It not only do we not wanna see it as California citizens, but it's not fair to those people that are homeless that we're letting them sit out on the streets and continue to not only ruined their lives. But everything around the state has to have the ability to go and get these people to help that they need. Put them into whatever sort of mental health facilities and in centers that we need to do to actually take care of the problem. It's not enough to put a roof over somebody's head. They need to make sure they get the substance abuse counseling, health counseling, and these are the sorts of solutions that Republicans have this is exactly why we need to be elected. But as you know, there's almost no Republicans elected LA county and the problems only getting worse. You are clearly articulating both the problem and your proposed solution. But at the same time as state party chair. You would need to be able to have candidates who can also clearly delineate. What is the problem and the solution? How do you go about identifying those members, and how do you make sure that the state is providing the state parties providing the necessary resources to support them look leadership comes from the top? You know, if you take a look at every great movement from, you know, civil rights on down Martin Luther King was the face of the civil rights movement. But, you know, even though we do the best speeches last fifty years. He wasn't the only guy. Why not not by a long shot? But he was a figurehead. That's what California needed a strong leader has a proven ability to actually rally the base bringing people to the party, you know. So when I when I talk about, you know, the reach that we have I had half a million followers on social media at join Travis Allen, whether you're on Facebook or Twitter Instagram twenty thousand individual donors fifty thousand statewide volunteers. This is this sort of broad based support to the party needs to see. And and the question is how do we get people elected as Republicans in California? It's simple. We register more voters across the state. We put a precinct captain on every single street in every single city across California. And we actually give them the resources they needed to county level. So they can support their local elections. And as soon as you start electing city council members waterboard numbers county supervisors, of course, eventually all that will feed up into the state level. And finally, we'll get back to some sort of balance here in California assemblyman Allen, I'll. Definitely want to continue this conversation. But I'm up against a news break. Can I get you to hold over for just a few minutes? So we could talk about poverty, and one of my most personal issues education. Love you. I'll be here. All right assemblyman, Travis Allen, former California state assembly member, representing the seventy second state assembly district, former candidate for governor governor. And now he's a candidate for chairman of the California state Republican party Travis Allen joins me more in just a moment. This is the Tim Conway show. I'm o'kelly's KFI AM six forty bender LA's released an earthquake warning app that could get people several seconds to drop covering hold onto something before an earthquake strikes. 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