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First? Let's talk when I go to jail and read first. Yes, so you and I both talked to a lot of NBA teams. They've had taped from scrimmages for this Julie ignite team and what the impression I've gotten from them is the commingled looked the best in the scrimmage jail and gray looks like he will have zero problems. Athletically with the link will be one of the best athletes in the league and we'll need to like prove that he can be efficient imitation Knicks just looked terrible out for lack of a better word. Does that kind of line up with what you have heard? I have actually seen the scrimmage. Okay, so there we go. So it doesn't line. You're right. Yeah. So for Jalen green, I thought that he looked taller a little bit taller a little bit leaner everything that we thought he was he did lightning quick First Step getting off the floor of beating his man redirect his body really well based on what the defense is giving him. He's using screens and and slowing them down which can tell is a point of emphasis for Brian Shaw on that staff, which is good. He can hit movement shots. He's learning to limit his dribbles and and not just pull the ball out and and run 25-foot isos close out. Well the shooters defensively but the thing that stuck out to me right now is he does float and drift way too much. Like I didn't watch that. If you didn't know his Jam inquiry into watching it you wouldn't necessarily say like Surefire top three guy. You can see the talent you can see the the flashes of it, but he didn't take over enough despite. I think he had 20 points in in one of the scrimmages. I don't know it's a byproduct wage. Of days or Nixon him just trying to figure out how to play this two-man game or not, but it wasn't like it wasn't like a statement game where we saw a Jalen Suggs have 27 points. It's like, oh man. This is a tough choice. No question. So yeah, that that's kind of always been the concern for me with Jalen green like whenever I've seen him on the AAU circuit. It's been holyshit. This guy is a ridiculous wage unbelievable athlete he can get wherever he wants on the court and he just doesn't make great decisions. Once he decides to do that. Like he takes a lot of contested shots at The Rim that off Peters doesn't show like a crazy amount of crafts with right like it's more like jumping and then trying to figure it out as opposed to like having a plan before you go in the air. Like that's what I thought of in Mitchell like really improved throughout the course of his career is whenever he was in like his first year and half at Louisville. He didn't really have a plan when he got in the air and then later in these long career and then early in his NBA career he figured out okay. I'm this crazy athlete but if I stay on the ground and force guys to figure out wage How to maneuver around me and make them make the decision first I can make this happen. I can have a better chance of scoring efficiently other than I was With Jalen green I would just like to see him be a little bit more thoughtful in what he does like before he gets to where he's trying to go and that'll come back. I'm right like right like that that comes with experience that comes with the time that you have to take to improve your talent, right? Yeah..

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