Israel, Gaza, Hamas discussed on The Joe Walsh Show


You talk about an all star day she rightly talks about how israel acted with the utmost restraint yesterday joe gimme number three no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has i mean i mean israel again you you're not gonna get this in the media you know what happened yesterday right in gaza the palestinians hamas they purposely pushed people into the border force people to cross the border force people force their own people to be shot and the the israelis israelis soldiers broadcasted warnings don't do it stay away from the border don't do it go ahead and peacefully protest do not encroach the border stay away they gave them verbal warnings and then israel fired warning shots into the air israel did yesterday whatever israel could do to prevent people from being killed now that's the truth nikki haley spoke to that truth at the united nations today but see the united nations doesn't wanna hear it the united nations hates israel the united nations hates america the united nations loves muck muslim dictators that's that's the truth and then this lie nikki nikki haley ambassador haley speaking to this lie that it was all about an embassy that oh my word oh my god lead gee if america only hadn't gone and put their embassy in jerusalem none of this would have happened yesterday number four joe let's remember that the hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years long before the united states decided to move our embassy they don't need an embassy to do what they did yesterday they don't need the.

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