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Of like a coffin as far as T. stacked up and you had to go through the galley to get down there and so I believe the crew survived because they live in they were sleeping up top Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news the suspect in a West Texas shooting spree made several phone calls to law enforcement before shooting Odessa police chief Michael kirke says the shooting suspect was very angry about being fired from his job. he called nine one one Odessa police departments of nine one one and so did his employer and basically they were complaining on each other because they had a disagreement over the phone. he then called the F. B. I.'s tip line both calls were described as rambling nonsense police noted they had contacted the man several times in the past but call them minor incidents seven people were killed in the random shootings on a ten mile stretch of highway between Odessa and Midland the shooter was killed outside a movie theater on Saturday. Doreen is making a devastating crawl across the Bahamas as it heads toward the coast of Florida correspondent Emily Schmidt has more on what is now a category four storm hurricane models aren't certain where when or even if Dorian will make landfall in the US that uncertainty means Florida Georgia and South Carolina have counties under mandatory evacuation orders anomaly Schmidt comedian Kevin Hart and his driver remain hospitalized today after suffering major injuries when his nineteen seventy Plymouth barracuda rolled down an embankment on Mulholland in Calabasas part was taken in Northridge hospital Medical Center and the driver twenty eight year old Jared black of Woodland Hills was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center also with injuries parts wife any co has told TMZ that her husband is doing great following back surgery and that he is going to be just fine art expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days officials have injured or injured issued a warning for San Diego county hikers that several checks on a particular trail have tested positive for what's known as rabbit fever Phil Hewlett has details it's also known as tularemia the bacteria can be passed to hikers and pets through infected tick bites rabbit fever can cause you to become extremely sick and even die the infected ticks were found along Lopez canyon trail in Sorrento valley so far no one has been infected officials recommend you use a good bug repellent and put a flea and tick collar on your dogs. zero seven nine..

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