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And so the meaning that you give and experience is what you believe it doesn't mean it's true now what so fascinating about this because the brain is a goal achieving machine is you will perpetuate that meaning into reality but you also have you also have the ability to change the meaning that you give something at any point in time and that will change your life because the brain is a goal achieving machine i think it's i love it i such a huge believer in now i've seen that my own life i've seen lots of others i'm fortunate to path 20plus years notch up nor seen any can i'd spy and love everything associate dean an entrepreneur because as you mentioned your exposure to so many more things is just i mean just ten times what most people seat because you're you're out there making stuff happen and i think that's that just fascinates me i i'm a huge leap in fact it the only thing that matters is the means that you give thanks and i i get a switch back gina yes so now so now here's and it can you your seeing work there's sort of a logical step by step process it begs another question if i am misinterpreting reality right now if i'm giving a meaningless something that's not really true and it's limiting me in my life the first question is will what is true and then and then the next question becomes how do i know when i'm limiting myself how do i know wait a limiting belief is active or a pattern of thinking related a limiting belief is active in so here's what we found.

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