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This is the seed where where j Fatah's character kind of grows up in the sense of like embracing things very clumsily awkwardly but over the course of the scene really does take on this liberated persona and I think that scene a super funny and I thought she did Did a great job with a little of Dali. Pardon as door or a Li. Oh Sweet Youtube hold on getting there now. Not Violet Tori Lee. Try speaking to the MIC thoroughly computer computer. Here we go new Orle- would you grab your pad and bring your pretty stationed here please. Yes Sir aw right there. What turnaround the second? Something wrong. Something on Madrid's. Nothing's wrong matter of fact everything's very very right. Shall we begin Mr Heart. Take alert to Vernon Henshaw over metropolitan mutual. Dear burn as you know. The Chairman of the Board of consolidated companies Mr Russell tens worthy. He spends most of his time in Brazil. Working on the jungle clearance operation off. All right. Let me let me let me help you with a million dollar tank doorly. Yes about my conduct in the office. Yesterday I got a little carried away. Ought to apologize to you. Don't you worry about it Mr Hard. I've I've been chased by swift amend the new and I been got yet. Shall we get back our letter half but could you just come over here here for second. I have a little something for you. You know ever since I made that stupid mistake about the convention in San Francisco I almost heart. You didn't make a mistake. You See. I'll just have to make sure that the next time I'm asked to go to work at a convention that there is a convention going on these scenes are so good. Yeah you know. And there's three of them where you get to see Dabney being different with each woman intern dismissive of Jane. She's not attractive enough for him to pay attention to dismiss downright mean. Oh yeah he gets. She gets his anger scorn. You know when she fucks up at the copy machine he just reduces reduces her to tears with violet. It's he recognizes that it's a meeting of equals if not she being his superior. Intellectual Was Dorothy Lee. He views purely as sex objects but because we have Dolly Parton playing the role. She's able to show us how women have to do all the work in this circumstance. It's by work. I mean she has to both do her job and also find excuses for his inexcusable. Behavior does only giving it and taking it on on as just part of what's the expression for something like the cost of doing business like this is if I'm going to be working in this environment in this world. This is what I'm putting up with as you put it like. I've been chased by swifter men than you and ain't saying like Oh it's not your fault. It's my fault next time you just have to make sure there is a conference like she's got to do that that part of the job. We now have a toll free telephone number. That's right would light listeners. To Call US money log in so I can figure out what our number is because I purposely chose a good one. What we want you to do is something like call us and Lisa message specific to that Chris? You could say anything. You want suggestions of what we should should. You shouldn't do that. You've got to watch all the way through whenever it's on things you Hayden movies. I would think that something we would have fun with. These people said. I want you guys to address this trope. Let let us find some examples to say we got this voice mail from a listener. And they mentioned this film ACC- trope call US toll. Free eight five five seven five five five five three two two. That's eight five five seven five five five three two two. That is very memorable. Eight five five seven five five five three we do now Chris. Going to record a clever voicemail thing so that when you call you're going to hear him he's GonNa figure out how to do. Have Value added so the the commentary track track chaotic. Because they're not in the same location. It's the three main actors in Jane's producer. WHO's kind of trying to keep things rolling but it because they're not in the same place and I don't think any of them Eh? Done a commentary track more. There's a lot of talking over each other and not knowing what's going on. It's kind of hilarious. It's been described as chaotic and self-congratulatory. I don't think that the person writing that meant that mean spiritedly. It's that there's a lot of celebration of how amazing everybody is everything. And there's not a lot of discussion because there's so many great actors. Also populating feeling the movie Secretary who drinks too much the evil spy. These are great Broadway caliber theater actors. That populate Right Elizabeth Wilson Peggy Pope is the the the one you mentioned a first and if you watched canary in the seventies and eighties It's also funny that this is one of those things and like you said a lot of these people due to the nature during the time when it was made their faces look so familiar and yet looking down there. IMDB page like Henry Jones for example. Because he's got such distinct to face. A lot of his stuff is is in television so I don't know if I remember him from that particular episode of murder. She wrote over here tell me he was on. He was not on Columbo but he was on Mrs Limbo with Kate. Mulgrew Kate mulgrew. Yeah but you as a Colombo Fan yes. Well fans putting it mildly but something. I reserve a large portion of my life your head. Where do you find the time I doesn't? Mrs Didn't Mrs Colombo die in one of the episodes of her own show no of his show. Well one of the brilliant things about Colombo was you never. Were quite sure if there wasn't Mrs Kla because you never saw her in actual Colombo uh-huh referred to her all the time but because the character was show mysterious in so many ways. You're never quite sure if there was a Mrs Researching sex in the Mary. Detective the guy who he was in candyman that was the opposite. He was in couldn't find that but when reading about I read that there was also an episode came. I guess one or two later like Farewell Mrs Colombo which I think the description made it sound like she did die? You know I'd have to look up. Farewell Mrs Colombo and Remember. Did you watch Mrs Colombo the TV series now because that to me he is a demarcation point. Here where your love for Colombo. Jews is going to be tested. If you decide to go well down the spin off this this is my question is Browner Mrs Colombo Fan. Probably she solves crimes as a reporter raising your little daughter which does make the question like did they get divorced. I do we as viewers as friends. Do we have to choose. who were on the side of the remake wicker man? It's best just to pretend it doesn't exist. What does that what does that? What is that Dolly Parton yes. JABBA MURAT FROM RADIO LAB has a new podcast about Dolly Parton. I just got into this last night. L. Listen to the first two episodes. It's stunningly brilliant. What's it called Dolly Parton it's called America. I highly recommend this for people. It came about because Jay album rods father ended up treating Dolly Parton in Tennessee hospital and he became friends with Dolly Parton and through that Jad got thinking about Dolly Parton and attended a Dolly Parton concert and was struck. By how this one figure had brought together many of the factions of American life that typically nothing in common mega hat wearing trump supporter and drag queens dressed as Dolly parton example. This podcast investigates her life. which is incredible talent and the pain and sadness at the center center of a lot of Dolly Parton music and Public Persona? And that's one of the things that is lacking in the commentary if you don't figure out how to get underneath it you're going to get from Dahlie a very polished performance. Even when she's talking in an ad Lib setting like recording of the metairie which is very her though. It's heard her interviewed before. I haven't listened to the PODCAST. I listened to somebody else talking about the podcast closer now but in that they were saying that quite a bit is spent on her role as a feminist earnest is sheer isn't she a feminist. I think is very interesting especially considering the public persona that she does put across which she's very conscious and she talks about how conscious of it she's an entertainer minor through and through in the best way possible because I don't think she ever sacrifices her intelligence or dignity even when she allows herself to be a part of a joke. Exactly there's also a generational difference Moore's as to how you view feminism as a feminist depending on where you are in your life your living but I think one thing that you do find if you read quotes from her and listen to her is there is a steel spine at the center of it that is unbending and whatever other people might put on her take away from her or assume they will well of course always be wrong as people who do that always are but it will never hurt her because there is a strengthening intelligence the persona of her and her real personal life. are distanced. Talk about how her husband is never seen younger and yet at the same time they're one in the same it show business and then she says in the podcast cast. He's trying to ask her. Did you ever bother you to be the butt of so many jokes and she said no because I figured looking the way I did they were GonNa make jokes anyway so I might as well make the Joe and I'm in control the situation and on feminism thing. It's funny the first episode. The first half sort of does a nice little historical getting us up to a certain place and then the second half of the first episode can it gets taken over by some of the producers of the podcast talking about feminism in their own experiences with feminism only to then arrive at this critical interview point with Dolly. Where Jad do you consider in yourself? A feminist pops the whole balloon. That had just been inflated saying God no like she will not have that label. Of course. It's much more nuanced. You can't be the kind of wounds that she is the strong negotiator. The star the right without being a feminist in the sense of taking care of herself as so two is all about her relationship with Puerto Wagner ragner. WHO's TV show really made Dali Star in for whom she wrote the Song I will always love you play you a little bit here Chris? I know you probably don't you're not familiar with it I hear this a lot. This version people keep sending me links to the the Dalai version whichever or the Houston version. Just a lot of people will always love me. Oh I see. I didn't get the joke. You remain took a little for takes. The podcast makes the point that this song has been hit in three different decades. A number one hit in three different decades very hard to think of any other song. Where that's the case? Are there three different versions or is it her. Assumedly the Whitney Houston one an and then the AL version on the commemorative flopping forget also went number one number one what. I don't know what the three versions died. I just heard it on a podcast Chris. Good enough chat in at in go figure it out anyway. Check.

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