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Disguises harry potter's quill between his teeth and reached underneath his pillow for his ink bottle. And the role of notes slowly and very carefully crude the inquiry dipped his quill into it and began to write pausing every now and then to listen because if any of the dust lease hot the scratching obese quill on their way to the bathroom. He'd probably find himself locked up in the cupboard under the stairs for the rest of the summer the does sleep family of number four privet drive. Was the reason that harry never enjoyed his summer. Holiday brennan petunia and their son. Dudley harry's only living relatives though a moguls and they had a very medieval attitude towards harry's magic harry's parents who had a reach and visit themselves they will never mentioned under dustless roofs for. He is entrepreneur. Nia an uncle had hoped. That eve kept harry as don readiness possible they would be able to squish the magic out of him but to fury they had been unsuccessful these days. They live in terror of anyone. Finding out that harry had spent most of the two years at awkward school of witchcraft and wizardry the most they could do however was to lock harris public's one cow drain and broomstick at the start of the summer break and forbid him to talk to any of the neighbors separation from his books have been a real problem for harry because he's teachers at hogwarts had given him a lot of holiday homework. One of the essays particularly nasty one about shrinking potions was harassing least favorite teacher. Professor nate. Who would be delighted to execute an keith harry detention for more than a month. Harry had their for seized his chance for the first week of the holidays while alkyl bannon onto tunisia and that deadly had gone out into the front garden to admire oncle violence new company call in very loud noises with that. The rest of the streets would notice to harry had crept downstairs. Picked the lock on the cupboard under the stairs grabbed some of his books and he didn't them in his bedroom as long as he didn't leave spots wink only sheets that does lease need never know that he was studying magic by night. Harry was very particularly keen to avoid trouble with his aunt and uncle at the moment as they were already in an especially bad mood with him all because he'd received a telephone call from fellow wizard one week into the school vacation. Ron wesley who was one of paris best friends at hogwarts came from a whole family of visits things meant that he knew a lot of things didn't but had never used a telephone before most unlikely. It had never been uncle bannon. Who had answered the tearful but unjustly speaking harry who had happened to be in the room at the moment froze as he had loans voice answer. Hello hello can you hear me. I want i want to talk to harry potter. One was yelling. So loud that vernon and jumped and held the receive a foot away from his ear staring at it with an expression of mingled fury and alarm quiz this he rode at the direction of the mouthpiece ron wazzani ron beckel back. As though he he an ankle vennen was speaking opposite and so football food. I a friend of harry's from school uncle vanden small allies. Swivelled around to harry was routed at this point. There's no harry potter here. He rode now holding the receiver at arm's length as the frightened it might explode. I don't know who you are a was cool. You're talking about never contact me again. Don't you come nia my family. And he threw three super back onto the telephone as poisoned by spider. The fight that had followed had been one of the worst ever. How dare you give the money to people. I don't like people like you. Uncle vernon had road spraying harry Run obviously realized that he'd gotten her into trouble because he hadn't called again. Harrys other best friend from hogwarts harmony grandma hadn't been in touch either. How are we suspected that route had won her money not to call which was fatigue because have was the cleverest which in harry's ear and muggle parents knew perfectly well how to use the telephone. And we'll probably have had sense not to say that she went to hub wigs. So harry had no word from any of these visiting france for five long weeks and this summer was sending out to be the most obvious west. There was just one very small improvement up to swearing. That wouldn't here to the lettuce. That any of the spent sent parodi been allowed to lettuce. All had out of this night oncle vernon had given in because of the record hedrick. I'd been making in her cage or the time. Harry finished writing about wendelin the red and post to listen again. A silence in the dock house had broken only by the distance grunting. Snow of is enormous. Cussing dobley it might be very late. Heavy don't and he's is what itching with tiredness. Perhaps he must finish the essay tomorrow night. Replace that top of the in quarto. Cool the old pillowcase. From bed put the flashlight a history of magic book. His sc quill an inconsiderate. Got out of bed and he the lot under the loose flow under his bed when he stood up stretched and checked on the time on luminous alarm clock beside his bedside table. It was one o'clock in the morning harrison. Give us funny jolt. He had been eighteen years old without realizing it would hold our yet. Another unusual thing about harry was how little he looked forward to things. He had never received a but the cut in person in his life. The does miss had completely forgotten ended. Not his last two buddies and he had no reason to suppose that the remember this one harry walked across the darkroom pas hedrix lodge empty cage to the open window. He lint on the seal the cool nights On his face up longtime under the blankets hedrick had been for two nights now. Heavy wasn't worried about her. She'd been gone fees long before but she hoped that he'd be back soon. She was the only living creature in that house would give a h at the site of him. Hurry.

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