Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Nuclear Weapons discussed on Mark Levin



Are building ground the air missile sites on these islands now all this was dropped into trump's lap obama did nothing to stop any of it nothing i apologise so i really see only two solutions and that is the removal of kim jong fat boy and providing nuclear weapons to japan i'm sorry usually short destruction and then china will will really have to do something about north korea because china doesn't want japan having nukes now japan is a perfectly great country itself several lies country it's got a democracy i think it should have nukes i think south korea should to the great equalizer and it's kept peace for a very very long time i've never quite understood this you know barack obama cuts to deal with the salama nazi regime in tehran to ensure that in ten years time may be less maybe slightly more the slama nazi regime in tehran while have perfected their icbm technology as well as nuclear warheads which means iran will be a nuclear power in the middle east yet when it comes to japan and ally now many decades a reliable democracy and civil society we still act like we're at war with japan on me tastes my grandfather hated japan he forty would cheema he forty guam as did my great uncle who fought a guadalcanal so i'm not a special pleader for japan or its history but that's beside the point we by all kinds of things from japan and they by all kinds of things from us since the end of the war and if you drive japanese cars or watch japanese tvs or have japanese refrigerators on and on and on it's a trusted reliable democracy and ally here's the thing maybe we should sign the same he'll we signed with iran with japan and then in ten years japan i'll have knows what do you think about that mr producer and we only have one hundred fifty billion we don't get many other right back man three if you're over the age of fifty and considering buying.

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