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Seventy two degrees in Boston it's partly cloudy at six thirty and good morning I'm double Lawler here's what's happening going to be a long morning for firefighters in land they've been battling a house fire overnight WBZ's Jim McKay is there and Jim some dramatic rescues so far yeah yeah just got her here on the scene there still are knocking down parts of the upper floor of this our residential home and right in front you've got one fire trucks just all over the place and firefighters are pretty much controlled most of the smoke right god you're actually tweet out for the building was still smoldering what we know right now is there have been eight residents are displaced from this our residents your offer birch street in land right now they're currently standing outside the sense this house is great the towels and it looks like they've had quite a long evening as you can imagine actually spoke without one of the individuals here Justin speak the greatest English but just told me he was he was okay and he's just lucky to be out of there like you match dramatic rescues we're still gathering more information here as we get going enough will be here reporting live off birch street what Jim McKay WBZ Boston Jan thank you on the Cape I hit em Ron has left a bicyclist in critical condition roaster police chief heath Eldridge says it happened on millstone road in Brewster Tuesday night certainly this time of year lot of people out on bicycles a lot of people out walking we just wanna make sure that everybody to recognize that they need to share the road in that there's others out there one driver saw a light beige sedan driving away Conor longer Brewster is hospitalized in a coma at tufts Medical Center the body of Brockton mayor bill carpenter will lie in state in Brockton city hall from noon to six o'clock this afternoon his funeral is tomorrow the three term mayor died last week at the age of sixty two after being found unresponsive in his vehicle in the parking lot of an elementary school carpenter a just dropped off his young grandson an order to boil the tap water in a couple of community south of Boston this morning Randolph and Holbrook are being told bacteria may have entered the water supply following mechanical problems at the town's joint water plant people are being advised to boil the water before drinking brushing teeth or even using it for cooking no word on when that order will be lifted and another heads up hamburger and hot dog buns are being recalled after pieces of plastic were found in the packaging here CBS's map Piper flowers food one of the largest producers of package bakery goods in the US is recalling baked goods including hamburger and hot dog buns and dinner rolls sold by retailers including Walmart all the public's in Piggly wiggly because they may contain pieces of hard plastic that pose a choking hazard the Georgia based food producer and issued the recall after discovering pieces of hard plastic in production equipment though no injuries or illnesses have yet been reported the recall involves dozens of the company's Roland bun products distributed to eighteen different states mac Piper CBS news a new mission to help animals in Boston Carl Stevens has that just ahead six thirty traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three not so good on the pike eastbound at pretty bad inside of one twenty eight locked up from one twenty eight to the also bring interchange were crashes lord really just clearing as we speak it's more than a half hour to get through that back up though for ninety five south bound GM four mile and a half getting by a car fire blocking the middle lane in the right lane before route nine south of town we go next and to find out about re twenty four we get the my for insurance road before there are no issues thus far to get in on the twenty four north up the one forty does the Silver City Galleria sometimes that's a problem not today now we had a delay up in Brockton around the Westgate mall that's gone so it's slow down from her is the Boulevard up for the ninety three split of forty four dollars crested after the Bob rae insurance rotor part ninety five north bound is stalled out from one twenty three past two ninety five slow getting by four ninety five and then from the pond to street to one twenty eight David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the threes seventy two M. partly cloudy right now in Boston we are looking for a warm humid day mix of clouds and sunshine could be showers or thunderstorms in spots today especially north and west of Boston high eighty four seventies on the Cape and islands tonight mostly cloudy sticky with a few showers thunderstorms seventy three the overnight low and tomorrow cloudy.

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