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Remember, oh, I I tried to catch a rising star when I was in anti with my friend who was a singer. And we've got a number and we were on at two AM. And we did a singing thing that didn't work at all who guy in charge of those numbers. Then mark. Yeah. Something I remember Mark who who was very hung over all the time. Right. Remember his name right name. Finally, I get into the impr-. Prov, and we got three minutes three minutes. And I think I have three minutes and material and Chris Albrecht passed me and said, I could hang out. So all was a manager. And I think he was the manager bartender or anyone he went onto become now, he's the head of ethics or no are ahead of HBO. Now, he's the head of starts. Right. He was very supportive of me. And he was the manager and. He passed me and said, I could hang out here had potential. So I would watch the people every night and say why is this funny tonight and to get the most out of? There was a comedian called Ronnie shakes or the away. I love Donny shake so much, and he had very structured jokes. And they were easier for me to figure out. Here's a great comic that guy. He wasn't the Tim. I still quote, his jokes all the time. There was another very funny comedian called John develops to. Yeah. Who became a comedy writer, and I liked his his jokes, and I could take different things. But the most important thing I just thought the first time I got up on stage. I was funny between jokes right on purpose. No. I was as a reaction as a reaction to them not laughing to what I had said. And I was funny about it. I said why didn't you laugh at that? I thought that was so funny. Yeah. And I said, well, let me try this one. And see if you laugh at this, very, honest, then. Yeah. Well, that was my I like to be honest. So I guess that's why Chris thought it was funny. It wasn't because I was writing anything at that point. Right. But I could just see just understand. Why why why what how is this not working? This is supposed to be so good. And I had it in my head, and it's not doing well that's better doing that than like just falling into yourself. And know, my first heckler said, why didn't you get a job or something? And I said, well, I don't even have a response to that. Because I'm so new with this. So come back later another time, and maybe I can answer with something very very witty of it too. It was good. Yeah. But anyway, so then I get and then there's another comedian female comedian called Carol Siskind herald, who's very funny comedian, she still running I'll think she'll stand up anymore. Well, she was she was still very good friends with silver. Yeah. And I just could not get on at the improv and silver. Just hated me. And she came over to me once and said, I can't put you on anymore because of your voice, and I said what she's wanting to talk. I said what do you mean? She said, you're you have a bad comedy voice. And unless you go take voice lessons, and you can't. So I said, well, the only problem I have. Over is people are laughing because I was getting better and people are laughing. What I was because I'd also went to all the the places where they had microphones. And they were restaurants are open mics everyone. So one night Bill Maher's there, and he said, you know, you're really funny and silver is really being mean to you come over to catch a rising star. And I will put you on this is like eighty two. Yeah. Yeah. So Bill was the first one he still says, I was loaded. So he he let me on catch a rising star. And then I stopped going to the improv because I couldn't take the abuse anymore. Yeah. I mean silver was rough. Because when I started in when I was in New York in the late eighties sort of the last days of that place, and she was still pretty tough. I mean, she liked me. But you never knew what you're gonna get. She didn't like me a little bit. It's funny about Bill Maher because Bill Maher's is with comics is pretty loyal and a good audience. So I give oh he's such a good laugh..

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