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All basis of that mistake then. Also Co captain of the Boston Bruins for a few years also the first thing I go now are. Middleton. Group okay. Can Have Rick Middleton. That's fine My Mexican not going to like so much being as bad asses pack. Cam. Nealy. Okay. Again, he's like the forward Bobby Orr the knees took him out a little too. Early the legs were not. You know couldn't let him have the fulfilled career that he necessarily wanted. He played five, hundred, twenty, five games, three, hundred and forty, four, goals two, hundred, forty, six, thousand, five, hundred, ninety points he played with us for ten years. He was drafted by Vancouver but two days before my eighth birthday and on his birthday was traded to Boston yea. generational defining Bruin for us and our generation notice where a little bias towards people we may to I'm sure on the list, but he's awesome hockey hall of fame two thousand and five numbers in the rafters. Nealy Saw and pick. The explanation of a powerful would. Absolutely the. By the way I'm GonNa Time Molars. Number when he kicked Claude lemieux Zaza, we're at the garden for my first Mighty Brodeur, gay member that just gave him the beet down to rose in front of us. Hunter this commutable, the team names like all of a sudden. The other half is bad asses. Well, you had a team name and I didn't. So I just made it the head as bad asses. S Vizino, Ray Bork and Cam Nealy. All bad asset. So I was inspired. Will see how you. We'll see how you feel about this next back. and. He is one of my favorites currently in the current borough and we did everybody anybody that was Berlin. Didn't have to be post career or not. But I pick forward Patrice Bergeron. Ordering has been a member of the bruins sixteen years. Now it's an unbelievable number I can't believe it. staps three hundred fifty two goals, five hundred seventeen assess eight, hundred, six,.

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