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Tv's earlier this year. Roku beat analysts estimates in its q two earnings. Earning fifty two cents per share on revenue of six hundred forty five million dollars up eighty one percent of the year however the company missed analysts estimates on active user accounts with fifty five point one million up one point five million onto quarter streaming hours. Were also down five percent on the quarter to seventeen point four billion hours in its q earnings. Nintendo saw revenue decreased nine point nine percent of the year to three hundred twenty two point six billion yen. That's about two point ninety four billion. Us dollars with switch hardware sales down. Twenty one point seven percent to four point forty five billion units software sales. Were also down ten point two percent to forty five point. Twenty nine million. Units the athenian blockchain just activated the london heart fork changing the way transaction fees are handled previously theorem used a blind auction when proposing transaction fees leading some users to pay a premium to ensure inclusion. But making the fees rather unpredictable after the fork. Theorems protocol will now algorithm mickley decide the transaction fee based on overall network demand. Apple expanded support for student. Id's and apple wallet revenue canada for the first time at the university of new brunswick and sheridan college an unspecified number of additional us. Universities will also use the system including auburn northern arizona. University the university of maine and new mexico state university otto showed off a new version of its under display camera tech which is a smaller pixels rather than less overall pixels on the screen over the camera to better hide it. This allows overall pixel density to remain consistent across the screen otto did not announce it the tech would be used in any upcoming devices amazon. Delayed the release of its new world. Em emo o. Until september twenty eighth previously set for release on august thirty first amazon made the decision based on user feedback in the closed beta. The game was originally set for a may twenty twenty release when it was announced. Tick tock confirmed..

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