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Got over a two run shot for a dollies. Garcia, whose mastery of the road continue If you don't have a favorite player on this year, sexist Rangers team you might want to think about it only scar CIA. The guy is definitely making an impact. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of Plano Sports Systems of Lamb. That was Dave Raymond with a call last night on Fox Valley Sports. Southwest Valley Sports House in the 10th inning at Target Field Up in Minneapolis Rangers were able to force X earnings two runs in the ninth and then Garcia came to to put the ranges front. Went on to win 6 to 32 games up in the series. Good news from Minnesota. Good news down in Florida. That's where the Mavericks red playing against the Miami heat, pretty good team in these very important when you know we got off to a terrible start. The first two minutes. You get down 12 to 2. There's still 46 minutes left, and that's what we talked about. His coach Rick Carlisle, is they were able to get off to a slow start and come back to win. Big 1 27 1 13. They Were led by Tim Hardaway Jr had 10 3 pointers and that's car fans will be happy to hear about this Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania will operate it at 100% capacity for their doubleheader race coming up in June. Okay now becomes the second NASCAR track to announce it will open to full capacity Atlanta Motor Speedway. We'll have all seats available for their race coming up in July. That silicate sports. I'm Steve Lamb. This'd the W B a P Morning use with Nicolo Say, and Steve Lambs, News and sports updates at the top and 30 past each hour traffic and weather on the ones.

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