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This lasted ten weeks before the better parts of motherhood began. My mother hadn't given me everything. But I discovered that an seventeen years she gave me enough. Still. I never forgot the longing and self doubt of those first months and I never wanted my daughters to feel it. I vowed to be a present helpful mother for as much time as we'd have together. That's how I found myself eleven years later, stitching plastic bags filled with flower into the torso of a life size infant boy. When I finished. I propped him on the kitchen counter, I stared at him. He stared at me. For me co this'll at one. Welcome to the world. The thing about for me co of course, was that he had virtually nothing in common with an actual newborn. He didn't P poop burp spit up or up shrieking like a siren the moment you lay him down. Neither did he break into adorable. Gummy smiles triggering a love. So sudden and huge you didn't know how to make it fit. Despite this he bore a disquieting physical resemblance to a real baby from his DUI gays to Brinkley ankle skin. Monday morning when I walked into the kitchen and saw him balanced on my daughter's hip, I literally tripped? Then I remembered who he was. The site of one's eleven year old daughter with her own baby is automatic parental freakout time, no matter what your politics and for all. I know this was part of the school subliminal plan. The week's message might have been lost on the students. But it surely wasn't lost on the parents, no way. No way. Did we want? Our preteens having babies. After school. When my daughter announced our doll said on the grass and cheered for us during P, but the boys played keep away with theirs. The meaning of parental participation. The came clear. I lifted for me go from the couch and handed him back to my daughter. Diaper change time. I said. And so the week began. Every morning when my daughter strapped Fumi co to her chest. I showed her how to press his head safely against her collarbone. At dinner. He sat in a high chair by her side. Afterward. I made her sweep up the non existent mess when she laid him on her bed to do homework. I instructed if he's old enough for a high chair he's old enough to roll. And had her lay him on the corporate. And still caring for for Meco wasn't work. It was unprecedented. Fun. She wondered aloud if she could take him to school next week too. I on the other hand took an alarming detour into irrationality as the week were on. The more for me coz CARA diverse from real infant care. The more insistent. I became. At night. I'd hijack my daughter's tooth brushing time claiming he needed to be fed. I wouldn't hold him while she showered citing all the showers. I'd skipped as a new mother. I considered setting her alarm for one AM keeping her awake for an hour and waking her again at five. Aren't you taking this too far as my husband, the families voice of reason? But I didn't think so. Wasn't the whole point to make it real. So on Thursday when my daughter asked me to babysit for me co during her after school drama class. I refused. I had to go to the library book deadline was approaching and I needed time to write. But I can't bring them to class. I can't bring a newborn into the library. I said and sent her off. All day. I replayed that scene in my mind. Her request my refusal. Her downcast face. My obstinacy. Her tears. The more. I thought about it the worse I felt. What was wrong with me? I could take for me co to the library or leave him in the trunk of my car. I mean, he was a doll. I could help my daughter. Except I couldn't..

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