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Don't get a Merle Haggard tape. Well, that was the unmistakable voice of red Simpson. Doing kind of a different take Therewith. I am a truck. Red was best known for his trucking songs and actually raised in Bakersfield, California and certainly influenced by buckling and Merle Haggard. Can next was looking at the world through a windshield. Released in 1968 by Del Reeves. And finally, Stephens points own Dave Dudley, six days on the road. All right. Here's a song from Dwight Yoakum Guitars, Cadillacs recorded live at farm aid. Town green man. Three home thing. With may think Ugo knew it back way. Streets back home, Can we Street. Back home. Goodbye. Thank you for coming out to this. God bless the farmers. Winner, Heels or black City. The highway based black city. He blames, Please. She blames you for money. Never come back. One. So Never My Papa said son, You're going to drive me to drink. And if you don't stop driving that hot Rod Lincoln.

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